Essentiality: An Overview

Essentiality is the story of the Creator[1] and Her Creation, of you as a spiritual being, where you are in the Creation, the true nature of your human existence; and how to extricate yourself from the Human Illusion, achieve spiritual enlightenment and return Home to the Infinite Wisdom, Power and Love-Joy from which you come. Here are some of the principle tenets:

[1]    All words which refer to Essence will have the first letter capitalized. There are many: Creator, the Creation, One, Light, Consciousness, Will, Power, Unity, Infinity, Magnificence, Wisdom, Perfection, Beauty, Truth, Love, Peace and Joy, to give some examples.
  1. 1. The only thing that exists is a single, Infinite Being, the One and Only, an omniscient, omnipotent Life-Energy Spirit. Her characteristics include Consciousness, Wisdom, Will, Power, Love and Joy. (The Essentiality School of Accelerated Enlightenment guides its students to perceive, feel and communicate with this Being.) 
  3. 2. She[2] is both Creator and the Creation. She is the only thing that exists and manifests all created reality out of Her Self. She creates everything that exists out of Her own essence, Her own substance, for there is nothing else out of which to manifest anything. She is the essence of all that exists and so shall we call Her: Essence. She exists beyond the Creation and as the Creation and as everything in the Creation. 
[2]   We will usually refer to Essence in the feminine. She is both Yin and Yang, but the experience of Her is more Yin than Yang.
  1. 3. The Creation[3] (aka Cosmos) is the playground, movie theater, Disneyland of Essence. The Creation is an illusion that Essence creates within Her Self to BE all that She can be. The purpose of the Creation is EXPERIENCE, every possible experience. In the Creation, She manifests Her Self in all Her infinite possibilities of being and doing and feeling. Everything that exists is this One Being exploring Her Self in infinite varieties of expression for all eternity.  She has no limits; there is nothing She cannot be. However, always remember that the Creation is an illusion; the only and ultimate Truth is the One.
[3]   Creation with a capital “C”. The cap ‘C” Creation refers to the entirety of manifested reality, the entire Cosmos, as contrasted with a small “c” creation which refers to any created reality within the infinity of the Creation. Examples: The Creation consists of an infinity of universes.  Your thoughts are creations, a tree is a creation, a rock is a creation.
  1. 4. You are IT: you are Essence. There is nothing else which you could be; there is only the One Being. You are the One; there is nothing else you could be because the One is the only thing that exists. Both your spirit and your body are formed out of Essence by Essence. Your apparent individuality separated and isolated from the One and from all others is an illusion.  
  3. 5. You are not only IT; you are all of IT.  There is only the ONE. Within the Creation, She expresses Her Self in (the illusion of) the Many to have with whom to play.  But in Truth, there is only the One; there are not many; there are no parts or pieces in the One; all is One. You are the One and the Only; the entirety of IT. There is only One Infinite Consciousness and you are IT and all of IT. That you are One and All of IT cannot be understood by the human mind, but you can experience this.
  1. 6. Likewise, everyone and everything else is also the One. As Essence, you are everyone and everything. You-Essence are in all beings and all things, everywhere. The appearance of Many is a necessary part of the illusion that is the Creation; but the Truth is that We are all One. Again: to the human mind it appears preposterous that we are all One, but in enlightenment, you live in this experience.
  3. 7. You are the One partitioning your Self into the illusion of a separated individuality, a spiritual being, called a “psycan”. You do this with the Ego Force. You are not an ego; you do not have an ego; you are an individualization of the One Consciousness.
  5. 8. As a psycan (spirit), you have descended into the Creation to play and adventure and have many experiences of all types. You are currently incarnated on earth in a human body to star in your Human Movie experience.
  7. 9. To be a human being, you must not-know Who You Really Are, not-know your Divinity and true Power. You are suffering from mystical amnesia. Only by creating mystical amnesia (called “avidya” meaning ignorance in Buddhism and Hinduism) of your Divinity can you have obstacles and problems and challenges and conflicts and drama, essential elements to any good movie. To be human and to live the Human Adventure, the Human Drama, the Human Dream, you must be asleep to Who You Really Are, the Divinity.
  9. 10. Avidya allows you to lose yourself in the illusion of being human. Coming to earth is like going to a theater to watch a movie. To fully savor a movie, you must forget who you are in real life. You must identify with the protagonist and become absorbed in his goals and challenges and feel all that he does. A good movie makes you forget who you are outside of the theater and has you become the hero, sweat his obstacles and trials, and live as much suspense, drama and emotion as possible.  As with all movies, stories, sports and games: the ultimate purpose is to feel, to experience as much as possible, both positive and negative experiences. (By the Laws of Polarity, you can’t have one without the other.)
  1. 11. Congratulations! Notice how you have been totally successful in hypnotizing your Self to believe that you are only a human being. You believe it so firmly that what we say here seems preposterous. However, with the same Power that you have put yourself to sleep, you can wake yourself up.
  3. 12. The Human Game or Movie has 5 Stages and Levels of Consciousness: Evil, Drama, Awakening, Enlightenment, and Illumination. You are currently in Stage 2: Drama. (These are explained in the book Essentiality II.) 
  5. 13. You-psycan will eventually tire of the Human Experience and want to go Home, back to Essence-Light-Love-Joy whence you come. You will know it is time to go Home because you will have the symptoms of the Dark Night of the Old Soul: life becomes boring, empty, meaningless, unhappy. (See that chapter for all the symptoms.) If you are reading this article with an open mind, you are probably ready to start your journey home.
  7. 14. You will then start your process of Awakening, of recovering your consciousness and experience of Who You Really Are. When that consciousness is stable and permanent you are Enlightened. You then play the Human Game from wisdom and power and consciously create what you wish to experience in life.
  9. 15. In Essentiality II, we will explain how you created your avidya, your mystical amnesia. We will explain how you reduced your consciousness “down” from Infinite Awareness of everything to the hallucination that you are only a single human identity.
  11. 16. More importantly, we will explain how to reverse the process; how to return to experiencing the Totality of You.
  13. 17.You are the One; you are the Omnipotent Creator. You have innate in you the power to transcend your hallucination of human and recover your Oneness and Infinity whenever you commit to doing so and learn how. The same power that put you to sleep in the hallucination is the power that can awaken you, and YOU ARE THAT POWER.
  15. 18. The eventual and spiritual goal of the Human Movie is to awaken from your dream of being human and recover your consciousness of Who You Are, an immortal spiritual Being connected to the One Essence. Once so enlightened, you then play the game of life from a superior level of consciousness, one based on Oneness, Love, Power, and Abundance. You experience a Transformation of Consciousness from Level 2: avidya, division, polarization, good and bad, materialism, competition, conflict, aggression, force, tyranny and war, to Level 4: Enlightenment (explain below).
  17. 19. There is no force in existence that can stop your awakening if you decide it and follow the instructions. You can awaken and live in the Presence and Love-Joy all the time. How can you not be able to do this, given that you are the Omnipotent? The question is how much longer do you want to live in avidya, drama and pain when you can transcend to enlightenment with a few years’ effort?
  19. 20. An Enlightened Being then lives, not as a human being, but as an immortal spiritual being, child of Essence, son of the Creator, who is just visiting Earth. You recover your perception and communication with Essence. You recuperate your innate Divine Power to create and use it to intentionally manifest the life you want. Life transforms from “valley of sweat and tears” to “Garden of Eden”.
  1. 21. Enlightened, your being is transformed and that automatically transforms your life. You recover your wisdom and your innate, creative power. You live in Love-Joy all the time. You need nothing external to be fully happy all the time no matter what appears in your life. You live in the experience that you are not your body, that you are an immortal spiritual being connected to the One and just using a body to visit Earth. You recover your creator power; you can manifest what you want in life. You live in abundance. Life transforms from struggle and effort to playing and enjoying, using creator power to manifest what you wish to experience. You also fulfill your mission and purposes; what you came here to do.
  3. 22. You already are the One Essence; you do not have to create anything to become Enlightened. You only have to uncover, discover, recover the Truth of Who You Really Are. To immerse yourself fully in the drama of human life, to trick and convince yourself that you are only one, mortal human, you had to create blocks to the perception of your True Self. What you have created, you can discreate. Enlightenment is not about creating your being; it is about liberating the Essence suppressor mass you have around your consciousness. Essentiality II explains the suppressor mass and outlines a system for achieving enlightenment. Follow the system and you cannot fail.
  5. 23. Essentiality is a scientific description of Essence and a technology of Enlightenment. It is a modern, Western, certain and relatively rapid system to achieve Enlightenment in about 5 years of study and practices. Essentiality is a body of knowledge that explains the nature of Essence and then presents a rational, understandable, step-by-step procedure for spiritual enlightenment. It is not a belief system; it is not a religion; it eschews faith. You test it and see if it works. Essentiality I  is an introduction to Essentiality.
  7. 25. Essentiality is a physics of non-physical energy, of spiritual energy. Everything that exists, physical and non-physical, is energy. All energy is legal, it obeys laws and principles. All matter is energy. Your body is energy. Your mind is energy. Your emotions are energy. Your spirit is energy. The masses that generate your illusion of being separate from the One and of being a mere human are energy. They block and suppress your experience of Essence and Oneness. By understanding energy, you can discreate those masses whereupon you automatically recover consciousness of Who You Are. The why and how of all of this is introduced in Essentiality I.

If these matters do not interest you, please share this article or the free e-book on to another person. (If you listen well, Essence will indicate to you whom.) If these matters do interest you, we invite you to read our other articles or download the free e-book to discover how you can verify all that I say in your own experience. In spirituality, only experience counts. I reiterate: In Essentiality, there is no belief involved, no faith asked. There are no dogmas; there is no doctrine. To echo Buddha, “Believe nothing I say if it does not agree with your own experience.” Knowledge is only useful to the extent that it guides you to the experience.