Essentiality is humanity’s first scientific, not religious and complete explanation of spirituality, awakening and enlightenment, and how to achieve them surely and quickly.

It is a system of personal development that produces
enlightenment in only 5 years.

Everything that exists is a One BEing, a single, infinite Creator BEing: Essence.
She is the One and Only thing that exists.
She manifests the universe out of Her own Essence. She is both Creator and Creation.

You are an immortal spiritual being, an individualization of The One, incarnating within the Creation to play and explore it. You-spirit created mystical amnesia (avidya) of Who You Really Are to immerse yourself in your role of human being in your Human Movie.

You are a spirit dreaming you are a human being.

Human Movies are primarily about the Darkside of the Creation. They explore negative energy, problems, conflicts, drama, evil, and suffering. They are like going to a horror movie here on earth.

You can awaken from your spiritual slumber and recover Who You Really Are. You then live your life in trans-human levels of Consciousness, Wisdom, Power, Love and Joy.

That higher state of consciousness is Enlightenment.

Understanding Enlightenment:

You can only understand Enlightenment in its context of the nature of all existence. It is part of a much greater ecology of elements and factors.

Do you have these symptoms of the Dark Night of the Old Soul?

Are you spiritually ready for enlightenment?
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What are the Characteristics and Experiences of Enlightenment?

Do you know exactly what spiritual enlightenment is?

World Transformation Project

In only 100 years, we can transform life on the planet from the division, conflict, inequality, scarcity, and wars of today to Unity, brotherhood, love, justice and abundance for all.

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