The Characteristics and Experiences of an Enlightened Being

The 4th Stage of the Human Experience, the 4th Level of Consciousness is enlightenment. 

The Essentiality definition of enlightenment is very precise and comprises two conditions.  You are enlightened when: 

#1: You have discreated enough mass from your human identity complex to perceive through your illusion of human being.  Thus you recover your consciousness of yourself as spirit and now live in the “experience of psycan”, of being an immortal spiritual being just visiting Earth.  

I know of no way to transmit this experience with words, but it is a great, expanded awareness of self beyond time and space, of immortality, and of power to create. You feel enormous, powerful, loving, inspired, joyous. You operate your body and your human identity from your awareness of being immortal Aware-Will. You are now longer identified with your human identity. It is a toy; it is a tool.

You can retain whatever you wish of your human identity, but you know that it is not who you are; that it is only a complex of realities. You control it and re-create as if it were a computer program. You can install realities or remove them at will and thereby re-program your human experience. You re-create your human identity in your ideal of how you want it to be. You are also working on re-forming you-psycan in your highest ideal of who you want to be as a spiritual being, in the “image and likeness” of Essence (reference to Genesis).

#2: You can perceive, feel, Essence, the Tao, and communicate with Her. (I describe Her 13 Characteristics in detail in the book Essentiality II.)  You feel Presence, Oneness, Vastness, Wisdom, Perfection, Beauty, Truth, Love, Peace and Joy. You feel reconnected. You feel found. You feel Home; you have “arrived”. The searching and struggling of human existence ceases. You are at Peace-13. You can never be alone again; Essence is always there with you.

Secondary Characteristics of Enlightenment

Those two qualities about, experience of spiritual being and contact with Essence, are the essential experiences of enlightenment. There are many secondary ones (in no particular order): 

1. You recover your divine Wisdom You A because you know Who You Are. You know Who Others Are. You are beyond Drama, pain and suffering. You know how existence really works behind the Matrix, and if in doubt, you can consult Her Infinite Wisdom. You understand and live everything in this book and the much greater wisdom that is Essentiality.

2. You recover your divine Power to create and manifest. No longer are you in the illusion of effect and victim of life. You know you are the creator not only of your life, but at higher levels of your being, of the Creation  You use your Power to manifest what you need when you need it. You are free of the human obsession with material things, with security, with accumulation and hoarding. You live free of anxiety, worry, fear of loss of what you have. You always have enough.

3. Your experiences, your knowledge, your values, your goals, your behaviors are You are non-reactive to others and event. Your mind is silent and free of the human compulsion to judge and criticize everybody and everything, to polarize everything in good<>bad, should be<>should not be. You do not generate negative mental or negative emotional energy. You are serene and content all the time no matter what.

4. You no longer have negative emotions because you have discreated the true, underlying causes (identities). As these are the only pain and suffering that exist, you no longer suffer. You are non-reactive and transparent to others and the events of life. You live in serenity, peace and joy.

5. You are free of the External Quest for Happiness. You have no emotional need or dependency on others; no more compulsion to control them to be a certain way or have them treat you a certain way. (This is the source of 95% of all relationship conflicts.)  You are indifferent to success, fame, money, power, all the great human games. You may choose to have them or not, but you do not need them for happiness. You are happy all the time because you have contact with Essence, the only happiness that exists.

6. You are unattached. The arrival of anything “negative” to your life is no distress. The departure of anything “positive” to your life, including death of family, business failures, loss of money,  is no pain or suffering. Life is a movie, a parade of experiences. You are not a human lost in the movie, but an immortal, spiritual observer of the plot.

A Master of Life  (an enlightened being in relation to the human world as contrasted with his spirituality)  has only two modalities of operation. He enjoys the “positive” experiences that life presents him; and he learns and grows from the “negatives”. As he loves to learn and grow, there are no “negatives”.

7. You are able to discreate negative energy, negative emotions, thoughts and identities. You are already mostly free of these, but if a negative energy comes in on your consciousness, you simple discreate it.

8. You feel your Infinite Value and that of all others because it is the Value of Essence You know the Truth of all beings that there is no more or less in the One. You are grounded in Humility and the equality of all beings. Nobody can make you feel less, and you do not feel more or better than anyone else (knowing that better<>worse is neg-ego and a characteristic of evil). You understand why Humility is the gateway to Unity, to Essence.

9. Simplicity of being. You are honest and sincere. You have no need to impress anybody; you have no masks or pretensions, are not ostentatious. You have no need to attract attention or recognition (unless that is part of your Mission). You live without complications and without Drama. Your happiness is your connection with Essence, not physical things.

10. You are transparent. Transparency is the beginning of Love. The negative energies, slights and attacks of others flow through you meeting no resistance. You may respond, but you do not react. Thus, you live in serenity and tranquility, in Peace-13.

11. Freedom, Liberty. You have liberated all the negative energy in the human identity complex. You have freed yourself of the many negative energies the UHB hauls around: baggage such as negative emotions, regrets, resentments, of the glories, sorrows and pain of past; of failures, shame, guilt, blaming others, traumatic incidents. You are free of anxiety, worry and fear about the future. You live in present time, in the Eternal Now.

12. You are free of programs both about yourself and about others. You have no demands or expectation of others or the world about how they should or should not be, what they should or should not do. You can see social and cultural programming and chose to follow it or not. Nor do you bow to the programs and intents to control you of others. You live free; you live your life as you chose to live it. You feel the Liberty innate to your spiritual Essence.

13. Compassion and kindness. You see all your brother psycans so enjoying their avidya and movies on one level, and on another, caught up their human identity, games and drama. You understand how they are trapped in their victim and dramas and some in suffering—without getting caught up in their dramas. You can see exactly how they are creating their problems and conflicts. You know the solutions to their problems but respect their choice for drama by applying the Law of Three Times (see box)  . You understand, with compassion, their human pain and suffering, and you can see exactly how they are creating it. But you know they created their movie that way; that there are no victims, no accidents, no coincidences. You know that most are not ready for Awakening but will come to it in their time, and probably not in this lifetime. You feel gratitude for your own awakening.

14. Your relationships are all and always in positive energy and free of all drama. You have evaluated every relationship in terms of energy exchange and eliminated the energies that are not compatible with you. If you want a romantic relationship, you simply manifest it and it is always the ideal person for you at that period in your life (no drama about finding the “right” person). You do not have to expend TE to meet the person; it happens naturally and you can feel the spiritual affinity. Likewise, when it is time for a relationship to end, you have no attachment and let it go in gratitude for the experience lived.

15. As you can feel Essence, Infinite Wisdom, Power and Love, with you, you have a total trust and confidence in the unfolding of life. You know that the ultimate salvation and happiness of everyone is assured. You know earth is a theater and life is a movie. You see the magnificence of the illusion. You know you have a life script and that everything is under control by Higher Wisdom. You can feel the Perfection and Magnificence of the Creation, of how it all works. You are in astounded awe of the Wisdom and Power that creates it all and controls the backstage so we can live our movies.

16. Life is a parade of experiences. You have transcended the human hallucination of good<>bad. You have no resistance to negative events; in fact, there are no negative events; just the universe unfolding with a kaleidoscope of options of experience. On never resisting the negatives of life, you do not suffer. (Suffering is resistance to pain.)

17. You know of your mission for this life; your agreement with Essence before you came. Just as humans have their goals, so too does Essence have plans and goals for humanity. She has a plan for a Transformation of Consciousness on the planet to usher in a Golden Age of awakening, love, cooperation, abundance, and expansion for all. Above all, She has a promise to bring us all Home from our expedition into Darkness. Nobody came to samsara for all eternity. Enlightened, you participate with and serve Love in Her greater plans for humanity. The more you serve, the more Love you become. While She can obtain any result from anybody at any time, She prefers to work through enlightened Masters of Life who consciously serve Her.

Table of Comparison: UHB<>SEB

Here is a table that compares the life of an ordinary human (UHB) in Stage 2 of the Human Experience with that of an SEB (Spiritually Enlightened Being, Master of Life) in Stage 4.

How lives an UHG:

Unenlightened Human Being

 Level 2: Life in avidya and the Darkside: 

Game Conditions, Drama,
Evil and Pain.

The Valley of Sweat and Tears

Lives in 1.5 dimensions of experience: that of a human being in avidya.
Materialism: the physical universe, mind and emotion is all he knows.

His spirituality is limited to dogmas and doctrines of churches and religions. Has little real knowledge and even less experience of true spirituality.

Lives is many kinds of fear: pain, sickness, losing joy, losing money or property, not having enough (of whatever), losing loved ones, old age.

Death is bad, even tragic. Lives in fear of all kinds especially of death, both of loved ones and of self.
Suffers when loved ones die.

Believes himself at the effect of forces and of accident and randomity. Feels often powerless to control his life. Lives in Games Conditions and Drama. Has to struggle to manifest what he wants and often fails. Things are scarce; must hold on to them.

Anxiety, worry, fear.

Fear and Greed: Is driven by fear of not having enough or loss of what he has, and by greed for more and more and more; it’s never enough.

Is driven by negative ego. Everyone is either better or worse, more or less, than himself. Uses masks, pretensions, bragging, one-upmanship, trying to convince others of superiority. Struggles to climb in hierarchies. Compulsion to peacock and ostentate.

Life is deadly serious and you only have one. Life is about scarcity in one area or another: health, success, money, love or happiness. Life is full of tragedies and suffering.

External Quest for Happiness: seeks happiness by trying to control the externals of his life: relationships, events and situations, and striving to obtain the material things that appear to cause happiness.

Life is emotionally painful: anger, anxiety, worry, stress, fear, guilt, sadness, loneliness, depression, etc. Activations of negative emotions are frequent and sometimes long lasting.

Struggles to avoid his triggers for such pain, even attacking others to not-do what he does not like.

Life is full of evil and many bad people, things and events that should not be. Lives in resistance and aversion to many things, which negative energies are his own pain.

Selfish: “Me and mine, no matter the needs of others”.   Materialistic. There is no end to his desire (greed) for more and more and more.

Relationships are full of problems, conflicts, discussions, anger, resentment, guilt, you-owe-me’s, domination, manipulation.

Emotional attachment to others and to things.
Loss of anything causes him pain.

Has many addictions: alcohol, tobacco, food (ergo overweight or anorexic) tranquilizers, drugs, cell phone, social media, sex, retail therapy, to name a few.

Seek ease and comfort over excellence.
Often lazy and irresponsible.

Lies, cheats, steals, defrauds, practices corruption, nepotism, and cronyism.

Is a source of much negative energy even while professing to love the other person: anger, invalidation, demands for change, intent to control, dominate or manipulate.

Carries a past full of negative, even traumatic events, and of resentment, even hate. Believes the past shapes and limits him and he has limited capacity to change.

Often has poor food habits (e.g. junk food) and insufficient exercise. Frequently is sick and may have major health problems.

Always wants to recognized, credited and acclaimed for all he does. Flees responsibility when things go wrong.
 Blames and complains.

How lives an SEB – MOL 

Spiritually Enlightened Being –

Master of Life

Level 4: Life in Love-Light:
Unity, Power, Love-Joy

Easy manifestation.
Serenity, Peace and Love.
Return to the Garden of Paradise

Lives in 3 dimensions of experience: human, spiritual, and Essential. Life is spiritual. Has seen other dimensions and knows he is only visiting the physical universe.

Experiences himself as an immortal spirit, part of the ONE. Perceives and communicates with Essence. Lives in Essence, in Oneness, Power, Love-Joy.

Is free of all fear. Understands life in the Matrix, the Movie. “Bad” experiences are just the Movie playing itself out. Has total confidence in the Tao.

Lives in the experience of being an immortal spiritual being just visiting earth. Lives free of fear of old age and death. Knows that loved ones also do not die and is free of suffering when it happens, as it must.

Lives as a Creator Being. Knows how to use will and energization to manifest what he wants, which also frees him from any desire to accumulate and hoard. Things and experiences flow through his life without clinging or aversion.

Trust and confidence in Essence.

Connected to Essence, knows he is and has all that exists. His happiness is indestructible; He is indifferent to fame and fortune. Lives in natural abundance.

Knows we are all individualizations of the One and that all ego is hallucination: there is no more or less in One. Lives in Humility which is Truth, Wisdom, Love and Happiness. Knows everyone is an equal child of the One; there is no more or less in the One. Free of all egoic competition with others.

Life is a movie. He is a tourist of Earth. Life is naturally abundant in all things desired and rich in experiences. Remembers past lives not only on Earth but in other dimensions before Earth.

Internal Achievement of Happiness. Understands BE-FEEL and has created his BE such that he FEELs joyous all the time no matter what. Externals events neither cause him pain nor make him happy. He is joyous all the time no matter what.

Is free of all negative emotions. And if he should activate a negative emotion, knows how to discreate it on the spot. Can experience anything without emotional activations. Thus, lives in harmony with the flow of life, and in serenity and peace. Lets others be and do as they think best.

Understands “Bad-SNB” and evil.

Understands why and how life is Divinely Perfect; that nothing happens or exists without the permission of Essence.

Lives satisfied with just what he needs and is free of desire for more and more. Generous with his times and energy and money to help others. Practices service to others as an expression of Divine Love.

Relationships are in harmony, love and mutual support. The experience of love-joy is very strong.

Is free of attachment; life is a flow of people, things and experiences. Loss and gain: all the same.

Is free of the need of external substances or activities to suppress his negative emotions; he has no addictions.

Seeks excellence and perfection, starting with himself.

Values integrity as an expression of Essence.

Is always loving; never generates negative energy. Knows how to maintain all relationships in positive energy all the time.

Has discreated all negative energy in his past and his avatar. He is, able to recreate himself in his ideal in the present.

Maintains his physical vehicle with quality fuel, exercise and is in good health. Has cured his body of health problems.

An SEB operates as a ninja in life. He does not seek to be recognized, much less fame (unless he has a Mission that requires it). He acts with love to produce positive results for self and world and tries to be gone before anyone even realizes he was there.

His or her Essence is perceptible and impacts the people around him so they ask and are motivated to start their own process of Awakening.

This table gives you some idea of the life of an enlightened being. The difference to the life of a normal human being is night and day: neg-energy, poor results, drama and pain; versus wisdom, power, results, love and joy.

Enlightenment is a permanent awakening from the dream, the illusion, that you are only a human being. Enlightened, you live in the moment to moment experience you are an immortal spiritual entity. You perceive and communicate with Essence, Infinite Wisdom, Power, and Love-Joy. With that Wisdom and Power, you are able to manifest what you want and are no longer in Game Conditions and Drama. You create your human life as you wish it to be. At the same time you are free of the External Quest for happiness; you depend emotionally on nothing external and are happy all the time. Where the human being lives in only 1. 5 dimensions of experience – the physical and poorly perceived psycanic (mind and emotion)-the enlightened being lives with clarity in all 3 dimensions: physical, psycanic and Essential.

What will you see when you meet an enlightened being?  Nothing out of the ordinary.  He still has a human body. He still has consciousness, will, intelligence, just like everyone else. “When the pickpocket meets the saint, all he sees are his pockets”. This is a Hindu saying meaning that a person of lower conscious does not  perceive the level of spirituality of a being above his own.  Jesus was beyond enlightened; he was illuminati, and even so, not everybody liked him.  

An enlightened being can look “down” on Stage 2 and see psycans asleep and enchanted with their dramas; but a Stage 2 being cannot look “up” at a Stage 4 being and understand his level of consciousness, his knowledge, his outlook on like. A Stage 2 person has no reference for Stage 4 other than the legends of religions. It would be like a blind person trying to understand colors; or a dead person to understand music. To recognize that a person is enlightened, you would have to observe and deal with him for sufficient time to perceive his wisdom, see his power, integrity, simplicity, serenity and compassion.

The Spectrum of Enlightenment

Enlightenment is not a one-point state. It is a spectrum of intensity of its experiences that runs from the experiences being partial, weak and some of the time; to being so strong, so much Love and Joy (like a sexual orgasm) that you have to use will to remain focused in the physical universe.

As you approach the upper end of enlightenment which is Illumination, not only has your human identity dissipated completely, but your entire individuality (psycan) will flash off and on. You have moments of complete merger into the One, moments of illumination.