Vision and Mission of Essentiality and
the Essentiality School of Accelerated Enlightenment (ESAE)

Vision: Essentiality is the cutting edge of spiritual science and technology, within reach of all human beings. It is a system of knowledge and practices that guide the being to awaken from his human dream and recover his true identity of immortal spirit, one with Essence.

The ESAE (Essentiality School of Accelerated Enlightenment) is the repository and purveyor par excellence of Essentiality. The ESAE is a spiritual and educational organization that teaches Essentiality and maintains a functional and fast path of Return to the Infinite Creator Love from which all beings come.

Mision: The Mission of the ESAE is not the survival or growth of the School, but to serve Love and be a path of Return to Love.

The Mission of the ESAE is to disseminate the knowledge and the processes that guide the human being to experience his spiritual Essence so that he awakens within the matrix of the physical universe and transcends the illusion of only being a human being.

The Mission is to guide and support those beings seeking enlightenment and illumination.
The Mission is to contribute to the spiritual evolution and the Planetary Transformation of Consciousness by creating, in writing and by example, a place where people can come to experience Essence, grow their consciousness and spirituality and so awaken from the human dream.