The Ecology of Enlightenment

Enlightenment is not just some experience or state of consciousness sitting out in the middle of space all by itself.  No!  It is an integral part of the nature of all existence, of the entire Creation, and particularly of the Human Game. There are many factors and elements around enlightenment, which we shall call its ecology.

To fully understand enlightenment, you must understand its context, its ecology of elements and factors. There are many and some are foreign to human beliefs about existence. To understand enlightenment, you must understand:

1. The One

2. Essence

3. The 13 Primordial Characteristics of Essence.

4. The Ego Force and the Psycan.

5. The Creation

6. The Purpose of the Creation.

7. Experience and Realities, Creation and Discreation.

8. Polarities and the Laws of Polarity.

9. The Hallucination of Bad-Should Not Be.

10. The Essence Polarity of Being.

11. The Darkside, Love<>anti-love.

12. Avidya and neg-Essence (neg-power).

13. Shells of Being.

14. Game Theory, Game Conditions, and Drama.

15. The 5 Stages of the Human Adventure: Evil, Drama, Awakening, Enlightenment and


16. The Nature of Evil and why it should and must exist.

17. Drama

18. Samsara

19. Being Transformation Technology

20. Spirituality and Ascension.

We call all of these the Fundamentals of Essentiality.  Here is a brief introduction to many of the fundamentals.  You will find more information in the free e-book, Essentiality I

Essentiality, the Cutting Edge of Spiritual Science and Technology for Awakening and Enlightenment

Essentiality is the vanguard of spiritual science and technology on the planet. It is a system of knowledge and practices that guide the being to awaken from his human dream and recover his true identity of immortal spirit, and his Oneness with Essence and all that is. 

The Fundamentals of Essentiality

Here follow the basic teachings of Essentiality, excerpted from the book Essentiality II.  This knowledge comes from the 40 years of mystical experiences and travels outside the Creation of Mycal and his team of students and investigators, and on extensive (telepathic) communications with Essence (thousands of hours).

They claim nothing special in all this; we are all equal beings; we are all Essence.  Anybody can learn to do what they have done.  The Essentiality School of Accelerated Enlightenment (ESAE) teaches all who wish how to do so, so they can verify Essence in their own experience.   


Down through the ages and all around the planet, there have been rumors and legends of some place, being or state of consciousness beyond man.  IT has as many names as there are cultures and religions: Tao, Brahma, Cosmic Consciousness, Self-Realization, Enlightenment, Awakening, God, the Great Spirit, the Holy Spirit, Grace, Yahweh, Jehovah, Nirvana, the Creator, Paradise, Kingdom of Heaven, Enlightenment, Satori, Samadhi, Illumination, Self-Realization, to mention a few.  All the great spiritual masters of humanity including Buddha, Jesus, Lao Tze, Krishna, etc. have tried to teach us about IT.  IT is the heart of all religions.

IT is NOT a Myth

IT exists.  All of those names and all the religions are referring to the same thing, to the same place / being / state of consciousness:  to the one and the same IT.

Religions are the interpretations, dogmas and myths that have grown up around the perceptions and experiences of IT by the Great Mystics (Buddha, Jesus, Lao Tze, etc.)  However, as their followers did not have themselves the Experience, they could not understand and have lost or distorted the true meaning of the original teachings.  Essentiality is a new and detailed statement about IT, based on the experiences of a modern mystic, Mycal


The Ultimate Reality, the Highest Truth of existence is that everything that exists is ONE BEING a single, infinitely wise, intelligent, powerful, loving, joyous, Life Energy Entity.  This BEING is the ONLY thing that exists.   She is the ONE and ONLY.  Out of Her own Essence, she forms the Creation and everything that exists within it. But the Creation is an illusion; the only and ultimate reality is Essence.  We shall call Her Essence for She is the Essence of all that exists.  She is your Essence.  You are She.  There is only the ONE; there is nothing else you could be. 


Essence has 13 Primordial Characteristics (and many secondary ones).   Her 13 Primordial Characteristics are Infinite:







Will (Creator Power),





Peace, and


When anyone has a perception of Essence (in meditation, near-death-experiences, mystical experiences, entheogenic experiences, child birth, etc.), they will report one or more of these Characteristics.  These Characteristics produce many secondary qualities, humility, liberty, and responsibility, for examples. 

Your spirituality is your degree of Experience and of Expression of Essence (EEE).  Essence, and therefore spirituality, has 13 Primordial Characteristics and 20+ secondary ones.  The major ones are:  Cause/Creator, Wisdom, Love, Humility, Peace, Compassion, Joy, and Abundance.

To the degree that you are feeling and living these Characteristics and treating others accordingly, you are being spiritual.  To the degree that you are generating negative energy, harm or suffering for others, you are being anti-spiritual, aka evil. 

Note that the Characteristics are also the components of happiness.  Essence-Love-Joy is the only happiness that exists.  You are happy to the degree that you recover your Essence.

Essence-Love is the only happiness that exists.
You are happy to the degree that you recover your Essence.   

Your spirituality is your happiness; 
your happiness comes from your spirituality. 

You can also measure the spirituality of others by their degree of expression of the Characteristics of Essence.  Many are the “false prophets” who preach (and profit) in the name of God, but who are neither examples nor sources of true spirituality.  If  you do not see humility, detachment from material things, responsibility, patience, compassion and all the other qualities of spirituality, beware.  They cannot give you what they do not have. 


“By their fruits, you will know them.”  –Jesus. 


You are a spirit incarnating on Earth as a human being to enjoy the Human Adventure Movie. You-spirit  are an individualization of Essence with the same 13 Characteristics.  Several of the Characteristics control your human life:  Wisdom, Power, Value, Goodness, and Love. We call the individualization of Essence you are a “psycan”.  (Others have called it spirit, soul, or being.)

You come from Essence; you are Essence.  We are all Essence.  There is nothing else that anyone can be. There is only the One. We are all One Infinite Being of Infinite Wisdom, Power, Love and Joy. This is your True Nature.  What individualizes you to the illusion of a limited amount of being, of Essence, is the Ego.

The Ego Force Field

All is One, but the Creation needs the illusion of Many.  To produce the illusion of Many beings, Essence overlays the Creation with the Ego Force Field.  The Ego Force divides, partitions, the One Infinite Consciousness into areas or spheres or bubbles of Itself, of consciousness.  Consciousness is the ability to perceive, feel, experience, know; it is your experience of self, of “I”.  Each bubble is a psycan, an “I-here”, with other bubbles appearing to be “Not-I, over there”, i.e. others.   Thus the One within the Creation generates the illusion of others with whom to play and to play against. 

You are not an ego.  You do not have an ego.  You are a bubble of the One, an individualization of the One Infinite Consciousness, a psycan.  All others are the same: we are all equal beings, all psycans, illusory bubbles of the One. 

The Creation

The Creation is Essence manifesting Her Self in an infinity of universes.  Essence is the Creator of all that exists manifesting everything out of Her own Essence.  She is both the Creator and the Creation:  there is only the ONE.  The Creation is the One Being manifesting Herself in an infinite variety of forms and realities. 

Look at the walls around you; you are looking at Essence being wall. Look at the sky; you are seeing Essence being the sky. Look at your body; you are looking at Essence being your body. However, the Creation is an illusion, “maya” in Hinduism. The only Truth is Essence.

The Purpose of the Creation

The Creation is Essence exploring Her Self in all Her infinite possibilities of being and doing.  Her purpose is to express Her Self, to explore Her Self, to play, to be and experience all She can be, and thus to know Her Self in all Her infinite possibilities of forms, for all eternity.  She is being everything possible and everything is possible; She has no limits.   The Creation is the playground, the amusement park, the movie theater, the Disneyland of God. The purpose of the Creation is experience, play, adventure.

You are an individualization of Essence who descends within the Creation to play, to experience and live adventures; and to expand the Creation by creating from within.  Everything you do and experience, Essence always experiences.  You are a sense organ for Essence. 


One of the magnificent ways in which Essence creates a great variety of experiences in the Creation is with Polarity.  A polarity is the stretching of an experience into two opposite directions or poles, creating a spectrum of variations of that experience.  Example:  Temperature is stretched into hot and cold with millions of degrees between the two poles.

While there are many polarities in the Creation, the most powerful and important one is the Essence Polarity of Being.  The positive pole is Essence in Her 13 Characteristics, particularly Love.   The negative pole is all the opposites of Love.  That includes all forms of negative energy, of anti-love, such as invalidation, hate, jealousy, polarization, prejudice, harm, lies, theft, fraud, corruption, indifference to the well-being of others, vengeance, destruction, war, slavery, torture, killing, to name a few. The opposite of Essence-Creator-Love-Joy is Evil-Destructor-Hate-Suffering; short name:  Evil.  

Evil permits Love to exist.  Not only is Evil a rich experience in itself, but it is impossible to have one side of a polarity without the other.  Essence wants everything possible to exist, including the Darkside of the Creation; including Evil. 

One of the purposes of Earth is to provide psycans a place where they can come to explore and express Evil, to experience being all that you are not in Essence.   Notice that there is no shortage of Evil on this planet.    

No Bad

Bad is what “Should Not Be” abbreviated SNB.  When something is Bad-SNB, we humans generate negative energy to attack, stop, change, punish or destroy that Bad-SNB thing.  That, our own, negative energy is the only pain and suffering that exist in life. 

More importantly, Bad-SNB is a hallucination of the human mind.  In the Creation, there is no such thing as Bad-SNB.  The Creator, Essence, is exploring Her Self in all Her infinite possibilities of being.  She is Infinite Freedom and Infinite Power and Infinite Love.  She places no limitations of any kind on Her Self.  There is nothing She does not want to be; nothing She does not want to exist; there is no experience She denies Herself. 

This includes Evil.  Essence is the Creator of Evil.  She creates Evil out of Her Self, out of Love, and She loves Evil infinitely. Evil is a valid and rich experience, another in the infinite manifestations of Essence

For enlightenment, you must transcend the hallucination of Bad-SNB to live in transparency and acceptance of all expressions of Essence.


One delight of the Creation is to play Games.  The Creation is a Game Field.  A Game is the struggle and effort to overcome obstacles to reach goals.  The essence of a Game, all the juiciest experience in a Game, is not getting the goal, but the struggle and effort to overcome the obstacles.  It is in the struggle that we challenge and experience our wisdom and our power.  It is only in the struggle that we live Drama, a rich kind of experience.  Drama includes suspense, uncertainty, doubt, surprise, betrayal, loss, failure, defeat, anger, frustration, fear, guilt, sadness, all the negative emotions.  Notice how all the best sports and movies are very dramatic; we-spirits love Drama.  No Drama is boring.    

To maintain Drama, you must not win your Games, produce your desired results.  Humans play for Drama much more than to win.  You avoid getting your results by suppressing your creator power.  You recover your power when you are enlightened. 

Playing in the Creation

In your Essence of great Wisdom, Power, Love and Happiness, you cannot play Games, experience struggle or explore Drama.  You are too Wise and Powerful to have obstacles.  You are innately a creator; you can manifest any result you want immediately.   To come to Earth and play all the human games  with all their Drama: relationships, family, work, career,  business, success, money, fame, power, military, etc.—everything in life is a game.  You must suppress your Divine Essence to play Games, experience Drama and explore Evil. You must become human, ignorant of Who You Are and powerless.  You do this by creating a shell of energy around your being. 

Your Shell

To generate for yourself the illusion you are only a human being, you created a shell of psycanic (non-physical) energy around yourself. That shell acts on you-psycan = consciousness = experience  (all one concept) to block and suppress your experience of Essence,  and to generate for you the experience (illusion) of being only a human being.  While we know the exact mechanics of the shell, that is beyond our discussion here. 

The purpose of your shell is to counter-create Who You Really Are so you can explore all that you are not in your Essence, which is the negative, the Darkside of the Creation.  The Darkside includes Drama, Evil, pain and suffering.  Remember:  these are not Bad-SNB!   The Earth is a place to explore all that you are not in Essence.

Incarnation on Earth

Inside your psycanic shell of realities, you-psycan incarnate into the Matrix, into the human world, and live your Human Adventure Game as a human; that is to say: dramatically.  It takes 600+ incarnations to explore all the possibilities of the Human Experience:  rich<>poor, healthy<>sickly, success<>failure, king<>beggar, warrior<>priest, nun<>prostitute, wise<>stupid, retinue<>alone, etc.  

As a human being you are exploring the Darkside of the Creation, all that you are not in Essence.  This includes:  ignorance, no-power, problems, conflicts, poor results, failure, pain, suffering and evil. The Darkside has two bands of experience:  Drama and Evil. As we shall see, humans are exploring Evil.

The 5 Stages of the Human Experience

The Purpose of the Creation is EXPERIENCE. The Human Adventure is all about experience, particularly of the negative energy side of the Creation. The Human Theater has not just one act, but five, five stages, five different movies. Stages 1 and 2 are the exploration of the Darkside, Evil and Drama.  Stage 3 is Awakening.  Stage 4 is Enlightenment.  Stage 5 is Illumination.   

Stage 1 is the exploration of Evil

To understand Evil and to reach enlightenment, you must relinquish your current ideas about Evil and understand as we present it here and in Essentiality II

Evil is much more than what you might think. Evil is all forms of negative energy and actions; all that is unpleasant, painful, undesired, contra-productive, damaging, destructive. Evil is all human actions that are entropic: that reduce the energy, the order and organization, or the well-being of others.  It is all that increases disorder and chaos; that hurts, harms, damages or destroys. Evil is all actions that violate honesty, that fail or betray agreements, duties and responsibilities.  It includes lies, theft, fraud, corruption, and all war (no matter the justification).

Love unifies and harmonizes; Evil divides and creates conflict. It includes ignorance (avidya), neg-ego, rage, hate, destruction, prejudice, polarization, war, etc.  Evil includes mediocrity, clutter and disorder in our being, our life and results. It includes: irresponsibility, victim, self-sabotage, laziness, heaviness, depression, pessimism, all forms of darkness, heaviness and low productivity are Darkside. 

There are only two possibilities for every energy and action:  it is love, or it is the opposite: evil.  Everything you and everybody else does is one or the other:  love or evil.   Look at the planet:  we are swimming in Evil.  Watch the news:  much of it is about Evil. 

What the UHB does not understand is that Evil is not bad-SNB! 

Essence-Love is the Creator of Evil (as She is of all that exists).  She creates Evil out of Herself, out of Love.  Evil is just another of Her infinite forms of expression of Her Self. 

She is Infinite Love and She loves Evil infinitely.  You do not love as Love loves until you love Evil as Love loves it.  You do not Return to BEing Love (Essence) until you love as Love loves, including Evil.  This is a teaching of Jesus who at his death continued to love despite the worst evil possible being done to Him. 

Resist Not Evil for Resistance Causes Persistence.  To use Evil (any form of negative energy) against Evil is like trying to put out a fire by pouring gasoline it.  You only succeed in putting more Evil into the world. 

Until you understand the above paragraphs, you do not understand God. 

Once each psycan has experienced enough Evil, he will tire of it and graduate to Stage 2. 

We have much more to say about Evil in Essentiality II, including how to eliminate it from the planet:  the World Transformation Project.  

Stage 2 of the Human Experience is Drama

Drama is all the rich experience, mostly negative, that we savor during a game, sport or movie (struggle to overcome obstacles). Drama includes: suspense, surprise, tension, doubt, dilemma, eagerness, expectation, impatience, anticipation, uncertainty, perplexity, confusion, indecisiveness, shock, problems, challenges, conflicts,  effort and struggle, difficulties, errors and mistakes, faults and failures, losing and winning, victory and defeat, and all the negative emotions: anger, anxiety, fear, guilt, resentment, hate, sadness, sorrow, regret, desire, depression, among others.[1]

The Purpose of the Creation is experience;Drama is rich, intense experience, especially when you are feeling your negative emotions (which you cannot experience in Essence).    Drama fulfills magnificently well the purpose of the Creation:  experience.  

Is your life Dramatic?   Then, good job!  You have what you came here for.   You can stay in Drama as long as you want, but eventually you-spirit will tire of it and want to go Home, back to Essence, to Light and Love and Joy.

[1] When Drama refers to the overall, grand concept as presented in the chapter, it will be spelled with a cap “D’. Small “d” is used when referring to a specific drama or one with only a few of the elements of Drama, as “She has a lot of drama in her marriage.”

Stage 3:  Awakening

Awakening is a transition stage between Drama and Enlightenment.  It starts with the Dark Night of the Old Soul  and then Search for a source of True Spirituality. 

You are awake when you are certain that there is something beyond man you can achieve AND you are working on yourself to achieve it.  Awakening is an unstable state.  If you do not work for enlightenment, you will fall back to sleep. 

The ESAE has a 4 day retreat in which the participant learns to perceive Essence and can commit to his enlightenment.  Thus awakening can be achieved easily. 

Stage 4:  Enlightenment

You are enlightened when: 

#1- You have discreated enough mass from your shell to perceive through your illusion of human being to your spiritual being and Essence.  Thus you recover your consciousness of yourself as spirit and now live in the “experience of psycan”, of being an immortal spiritual being just visiting Earth.   

#2- You can perceive, feel, Essence, the Tao, and communicate with Her. You live in the experience of Presence, Oneness, Vastness, Wisdom, Perfection, Beauty, Truth, Love, Peace and Joy.

There are many more characteristics of enlightenment such as creator power to manifest what you want in life, freedom of all negative emotions, freedom of Drama, all relationships are in harmony, serenity and love.  See the article “The Characteristics and Experiences of an Enlightened Being” for a long list of the characteristics of enlightenment. 

Stage 5:  Illumination

You are an illuminated or self-realized being when you release all individuality, all illusion of separation from the One.  You are pure Essence again.  This was the level of Buddha and Jesus and only 235 others since the beginning of history.  Illuminati are God walking the Earth in a human body.  If you speak to one, you are speaking directly to God (The Father and I are One.)

Because they are Essence, they have Absolute Power over the Creation (which is Essence) and can manifest anything instantly, calm storms, walk on water, turn it to wine, heal the crippled and blind, or raise the dead. We experience their Power as miracles, but they are just Essence being Essence. 

Illumination is optional. You can retain individuality if you choose, or return to individuality when you please and dive into the Creation for more adventures.   

How to Achieve Enlightenment

First step is to verify in your own experience the existence and omnipresence of Essence. The Essentiality School of Accelerated Enlightenment has procedures through which you can temporarily bypass your shell and feel Essence. Once you know that Essence exists, you have the classic “blue pill<>red pill” choice. You either commit to working on yourself to achieve enlightenment or you return to your human life without action; you will fall back into avidya (sleep), Drama and Evil.

There are 4 main areas of work:

1- Wisdom: You must acquire a substantial amount of knowledge and learn how the non-human Intelligence of Essence thinks and operates. She is quite foreign to human thinking. For example: evil not only is not bad, but it is a valid and necessary experience, part of Essence, and beloved by Essence. (Remember She is all things: She is both Love and Evil which is the polarity opposite of Love.)

2- Liberation: You must discreate the shell of energy, the cocoon, around you-consciousness that blocks your perception of Essence and produces your illusion of human being. The Being Transformation Technology is an exact system for liberation.

3- Re-Creation: Once you have eliminate negative identities and realities, you can create and install positive ones. You re-create your being in your ideal of Who You Want to Be: wise, creative, powerful, serene, loving, abundant and joyful. Think of Jesus and Buddha.

4- Ascension:  You are currently at the bottom, the south pole, of the Essence Polarity of Being, exploring the negative  characteristics of being. Through spiritual disciplines and practices as detailed in the Essentiality School of Accelerated Enlightenment,  you must ascend the Polarity of Being to return to  being the 13 Characteristics of Essence

Your spirituality is your degree of experience and expression of Essence, of Her 13 Characteristics.   Your daily experience of unity, love, happiness, power and abundance are proportional to your recovery of your Essence.

The Essentiality School of Accelerated Enlightenment

The ESAE offers a 5-year program of study and work on self which scientifically and surely produces enlightenment.  The program comprises 200+ weekly, online modules of knowledge, exercises, discreation processes, disciplines and practices, and several live retreats each year.  

Click here for more information on the School.