Being Transformation Technology (BTT)

The Being Transformation Technology (BTT) is a scientific system of rapid personal change and growth.  It is an application of psycanics, the physics of your non-physical energies, which include identities, emotions, thoughts and all mind content, behaviors, communications, relationships, love and happiness. (we call Non-physical energies psycanic energies.)

With BTT, the client can quickly eliminate any negative psycanic experience, including:

With BTT, the client can create:

How it works

BTT applies the laws and principles of energy and reality.
Some of the laws of psycanic energy are:

1. Everything that exists, physical and psycanic, is energy. (e.g. your thoughts and emotions are energy) 
All energy, physical and psycanic, follows laws and principles:  physics, chemistry, aerodynamics, etc.  Non-physical energy follows the laws and principles of psycanics. 
Everything that exists is a reality.  A reality is any form, any mass, of energy.  All realities consists of  energy.  Realities are energy taking on an identity.
Experience is the purpose of the Creation, of all realities. 
Realities cause experience.  Experience is the effect of realities on consciousness. 
The being is a creator of realities who puts himself at the effect of his creations to have experience. 
Creation is a process of energizing the mental pattern of the desired reality thus “massing” it up, making it more and more real. The energization is a function of the will of the being. 
Discreation is a process of de-energizing the undesired reality, thereby discharging its mass so it no longer exists and therefore no longer causes experience.  Discreation is a function of consciousness which is the ability to experience.  The law is:  Experienced experience discreates.  

The 6 Arenas of Experience in Life and the Causal Sequence. 

Life, which is all your experiences, takes place in 6 Arenas of types of energy:  Be, Feel, Think, Relate and Do, and Have.  Everything in your life occurs in one or the other of these 6 areas. All areas are energy; all energy obeys exact laws.  All of life, all of your experience, is cause and effect.  Psycanics is about identifying the real causes and controlling them to produce the effects, the experiences, you wish to have and eliminating those that you do not want. Psycanics is powerful in achieving this, in giving your power over your life. One way it does this is through understand the Causal Sequence.  

Life functions according to the Causal Sequence of:

Your BEing is the ultimate cause of everything in your life.  This should be obvious:  you, the BEing, aware will, are the only thing alive in the Causal Sequence; the only thing with consciousness and will, the only thing that decides and moves anything. All the other arenas are dead energy or matter; they are effects, results, of the decisions of the BEing. 

All of your negative emotions (FEEL), thoughts (THINK), relationship problems (RELATE), and behaviors, habits and actions (DO) and lack of desired results (HAVE) originate in your negative states of BEing, in negative Essence identities.  Your Essence identities are your creations about yourself, of what you are and what you are not, in the four characteristics of your true spiritual Essence

  1. 1. Wisdom (Intelligence),
  2. 2. Power (Will, Cause, Creator, Responsibility),
  3. 3. Value (self-esteem) and
  4. 4. Love (your experience of being a good or bad person).

The Essence identities are polarities; they each have a positive and a negative side.  The positive identities affirm your spiritual Essence; the negative identities deny you it. 

Here is a table showing common expressions of each of the four identities types.  Note:  The identity is the experience, not the linguistic expression; there are many ways to express each identity; only a few are shown.  See if you recognize any of these experiences of self in you.  (Hint:  There is one or more behind EVERY negative emotion in your life.)

The NEIRs (Negative Essence Identity Realities) are masses of energy in your subconsciousness that counter-act, counter-create,  your PEIRs, your true spiritual nature of Essence.   (You counter-create your true nature to become a human being and enjoy the Three Stages of the Human Game.)   Each mass comprises an NEIR surrounded by a charge of negative emotion. 

Illustration 1:  A NEIR Mass. 

Illustration 2:  Your subconsciousness is full of NEIR masses.

Whenever there is a trigger (any kind of event in your life), you will adopt an identity in relation to the event.  If that identity is negative, a NEIR mass jumps from your subconsciousness to your consciousness=experience, where you feel it as a negative emotion  (anger, fear, sadness, anxiety, etc.)  However, underlying the emotion charge, there is always a NEIR. 

Illustration 3:  Activation of negative emotions in a NEIR mass.

What you do with that NEIR mass activation is critical to your happiness.  You can discreate it with BTT and eventually eliminate all NEIR masses from your life.  Or you cannot discreate it and let it continue to exist.  It will eventually subside back into your subconsciousness where it will await another trigger and jump into your experience again -and again —and again for the rest of your life.   BTT is a precision method to discharge negative psycanic energy, to discreate negative realities. 

As indicated by the Causal Sequence, every negative experience in your life originates in your NEIRS.  Change your state of BEing (identities) and the rest of your life changes automatically.    The BTT is a very precise system of processes of to change your BEing and therefore your life.  Its three principles parts are:

  1. 1. Identify the NEIR that is the underlying cause of your negative experience or results in any area of life.  BTT starts by guiding you in experience, never in mind, to identify the exact negative identity causing that particular negative Causal Sequence in your life and to bring it into consciousness, into your experience so you can . . .   

    2. Discreate the negative identity.  The identity is a mass of energy, a reality, in your subconsciousness.  By discharging its energy through your consciousness and thus into your experience, you eventually exhaust its charge and that reality (identity) no longer exists.  (Note:  It takes about 200 hours of BTT to eliminate completely all four of the NEIR masses, which eliminates all human negative emotions.)  There are more accelerated techniques, but the basic law is:  Experience Experienced Disappears;  Resistance Causes Persistence.   

    Discreating the NEIR automatically eliminates the negative emotion because these are love<>anti-love for Self according to the identity you are in. 

  3. 3. Re-create your Self in your desired positive experience, in the relevant PEIRs  (such as:  I am wise, I am creator; I am powerful; I am a success; I am good; I am love, etc.)  You-psycan do this with your Creator Will, energizing the desired reality with Love. 

    4. Visualize the positive Causal Sequence you want to live henceforth and use your Creator Will to energize and so manifest those experiences  (for example, a change of your negative behaviors in a relationship). 

While learning, a BTT Pilot is necessary, but eventually you can guide yourself.  You repeat the BTT process on every negative experience you have in life, which will eventually eliminate all the negative human energies your life.    (There are also negative spiritual energies, which can be eliminated with the Essentiality Liberation Technology once the human ones are gone.)