Samsara is a concept found in many spiritual traditions including Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, Sikhism, Gnosticism, Cabala, Theosophy, Eckankar, Rosicrucians, and originally in Christianity.  Our investigations for Essentiality not only confirms it as true, but have also discovered why it is, how it works, and what is the solution. 

Samsara” includes 3 concepts:

1. A long cycle of many incarnations.  The entire cycle of our descension of being from Essence to the Human Experience consists of hundreds of human incarnations, in which we-psycans explore as many aspects of being human as possible:  rich and poor, beggar and king, prostitute and nun, prince and slave, warrior and murdered, victory and defeat, etc.  We explore doing evil and being done to by evil.  We explore negative ego, power and victim.  We explore sex and celibacy; health and sickness, parties and solitude:  everything possible for the  500 to 700 human lifetimes until we finally tire of the game and want to go Home. (See note on past lives below.)   

2. Pain and suffering. In the ultimate analysis, human existence is more pain and suffering than enjoyment and happiness for multiple reasons: 

A-  Love, Essence, is the only happiness that exists.  The Human Experience requires us to travel far from Love into evil and avidya and therefore into the Dark Side of the creation which is suffering.  (Of course, this is the purpose of Stage 1 and 2 of the Human Experience, to explore the opposites of Essence-Love-Joy which are evil, drama, unhappiness and suffering.)  Separation from Essence is an angst underlying human existence. 

B-  Within any lifetime, we will have moments of success and pleasure, but there are more periods of dissatisfaction, problems, conflicts, pain and suffering than pleasure.  We do not get what we want; we fail in many endeavors; have many problems (relationships, money, health, etc.); we lose things we are attached to; we get sick or have accidents or loved ones do;  loved ones die, and ultimately we grow old and die having to leave everybody and everything.

C-  Eventually the soul tires of the Human Experience of struggle and effort and drama, tires of samsara, and wants to return to Essence. Thus begins the Dark Night of the Old Soul. (An “Old Soul” is one who has already been through hundreds of human life cycles and is weary of the Human Game.)  

3. Trapped.  We are locked into samsara, reincarnation after reincarnation, by the shell of mass around our being, particularly the Anti-Essence Identity (Evil).  This identity mass traps us on earth until we discreate it. What the Anti-Essence Identity is and how it works is explained in the book Essentiality 1.  

Re-incarnation and past lives.

Occasionally, people question the existence of past lives, of reincarnation. When we question them, we find that they have not done any homework, any study on the matter. 

1. The palpable evidence for past lives is overwhelming.  There is extensive literature about them, and verified experiences of people reporting people and places in a previous life. 

2. We routinely deal with past lives in BTT (Being Transformation Technology) as not all the negative energy we need to liberate our being for enlightenment comes from our present lifetime.  Past lives will come up sooner or later if you are working on your being.  We have seen thousands of past lives. 

3. We can take a room of ordinary people who have no experience with past lives and put most in touch with one within a few minutes of BTT.