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  • 3 Dimensions of experience
    Essence, psycanic and physical.
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  • 5 Stages of the Human Experience
    1-Evil (Hell); 2- Drama (Purgatory); 3- Awakening (Limbo); 4-Enlightenment (Paradise on Earth); 5- Illumination (Heaven).
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  • aka
    Abbreviation for: also known as, indicating an alternate name or synonym.
  • Anti-Love
    The south pole of the LoveEvil Polarity. Synonym for Evil.
  • Ascension
    The constant and consistent practice of the Characteristics of Essence, particularly Love, to ascend the Being Polarity from evil back to Essence. It requires a deep understanding of the Characteristics and the Essence Polarity of Being.
  • Avatar
    Synonym for the Human Identity Complex. Your avatar is your human identity, personality, character, values, etc. It is the role, the character, that the psycan is playing, being on Earth. It is a part of the being shell. Analogy: the psycan is the actor; his avatar is his role in the human(...)
  • Avidya
    Term in Hinduism and Buddhism for ignorance referring to spiritual ignorance of true nature of existence, of Ultimate Reality and of Who You Are. No matter how many universities a person has graduated and how many degrees they may have, if they do not know Who They Are and Who Are Others, they(...)
  • Awake, Awakening
    Level 3 of Consciousness between Drama and Enlightenment. A person is Awake when they know beyond any doubt that there is a higher being or state of consciousness they can reach, and they commit and work on themselves to achieve it. Without the work, they will fall back to Sleep, aka Level 2-Drama.
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  • Bad
    The hallucination that something should not be, apparently justifying the use of evil (neg-love) to stop, change, punish or destroy it.
  • Baggage
    All the negative energy and acts (neg-love) that the being has accumulated during his life. It includes painful memories, traumatic incidents (violence, abuse, rape, etc.), abandonment, failures, shame, guilt, resentments, relationships ended with negative energy, evil acts to others, theft,(...)
  • Being abbreviations
    UHB, SEB, HEB, RBB UHB- Unenlightened Human Being. The unawakened human being living in avidya and in Level 1 or 2 (Evil, Drama) of the 5 Stages of the Human Adventure Game. SEB- Spiritually Enlightened Being. A psycan who has awakened from the Human Dream, recovered his self-experience of(...)
  • Being Transformation Technology
    An extensive and sophisticated system of protocols, procedures, and processes that apply the know-how of Psycanics or Essentiality to the psycan enabling him to make desired changes in his being and life. Much of it deals with the creation and discreation of psycanic realities and identities.
  • Boomerang
    We are all One Being. Anything we do to increase or decrease energy (lovingeviling (doing evil)) always affects the Love-Light that we are. What we do creates who we are. When we love, we increase the Love-Light we are. When we do evil, we decrease the Love-Light we are. We ascend or descend(...)
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  • Consciousness
    One of the 13 Primordial Characteristics of Essence, of Life: to wit, the power to perceive, feel, experience and thereby know energy and realities. It is related to Wisdom and intelligence, intuition and creativity. Consciousness does not come from matter or anywhere in the Creation; it is(...)
  • Create
    To create is to cause into existence something new, something that did not exist before. Creator Will moves energy to form realities out of energy: that is the process of creation. Manifestation is to attract into your experience (life) something already created, usually by others. You(...)
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  • Dark Night of the Old Soul
    As the psycan tires of the Human Experience after hundreds of incarnations, he begins to long for Home, for Essence. The Dark Night is the symptoms of this tiring and therefore readiness for Awakening.
  • Darkness
    The upper half of the Darkside as distinguished from the lower half which is Evil.
  • Darkside
    The entire southern hemisphere of the [LightDarkness Polarity = LoveEvil Polarity]. Avidya and all forms of negative energy and action
  • Discreate
    To cause a creation, a reality, to no longer exist. This is done by discharging, liberating, the energy that comprises the reality. (The energy is not discreated, it is freed. It ceases to form that reality.) The psycan-consciousness has the power to discreate its creations by experiencing(...)
  • DO-BE-DO
    The law that what you Do defines who you are and who you are (Be) results in what you Do. This actually a circle between Be and Do, here displayed linearly. Example: a thief steals; he who steals is a thief; thieves steal.
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  • Ectropy<>Entropy
    Ectropy is Life, Intelligent Cause, acting in the universe to differentiate and control matter, to form it into realities with the desired properties, to organize it and energize it to produce whatever the desired result. Opposite: Entropy
  • Ego: include three concepts
    1- Ego Force: ego membrane: A force field that overlays the Creation and partitions the Aware-Will into individualities, psycans, apparently separated and isolated from the Whole and from each other. The Force has a spectrum of intensity. At the top, it is weak, allowing perception of the(...)
  • Emotion
    The self-love energy polarity. Your emotions are your loveneg-love for yourself determined by your Essence identity (PEIR or NEIR) of the moment.
  • Enlightenment
    The Third Level of Consciousness: Living in the Experience of Psycan, of being an immortal spirit, with perception and communication with Essence. The being has exited avidya, evil and Drama.
  • Entropy<>Ectropy
    Entropy is the opposite of ectropy. Entropy is decay and death. Entropy is the force of decay, disorder, and chaos that acts on matter to reduce it to random distribution and minimum energy. Ectropy is intelligence acting to create things. Example: How much Intelligent Cause does it require to(...)
  • ESE
    The Essentiality School for Accelerated Enlightenment.
  • ESM
    Essence Suppressor Mass, the technical name of the shell of realities around the psycan that blocks his perception of Essence, and generates the experiences of evil and of human being.
  • Essence
    The infinitely intelligent spiritual Life Energy BEing that is the only thing that exists and which manifests the Creation and all that exists out of Herself, out of Her own energy. She has 13 main Characteristics: Light, Consciousness, Wisdom, Truth, Infinity, Oneness, Will (Power),(...)
  • Essence Polarity of Being. Outside of the Creation, Essence is absolute positive
    There is no polarity, no negatives. Within the Creation, Essence manifests as a polarity. The positive half, called Love-Light, is the 13 Characteristics and the 20 characteristics of Pre-Essence. The negative half is the negative side of each characteristic, called the Darkside and comprising(...)
  • Essence Suppressor Mass
    The technical name of the shell of realities around the psycan that blocks the perception of Essence, and generates the experiences of evil and of human being. It has four layers: Ego, Evil, Neg-Essence identities, and Human Identity Complex.
  • Event
    An event is any change in what is, in reality. Externally, an event includes anything that someone says or does, anything that happens. Internally, it is any change in your thoughts, identities or emotions. The word is very general in that pretty much anything that occurs is an event. A(...)
  • Experience
    Everything that you perceive, feel, know. It is the effect of a reality on consciousness. Consciousness in operation is experience. There are spiritual experiences, psycanic experiences and physical experiences.
  • Explore, exploration
    To enter into something to know it and experience it fully. Example: The Human Adventure is your exploration of all that you are not in Essence, of the south / negative pole of Being.
  • Express, expression. Literally: ex-press
    To push out. To do, perform, act. To manifest a quality or characteristic. To think, do, act, or create, and push the result out into the Creation.
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  • Game Conditions
    The presence of a goal, an obstacle, and a balance of power between the player and the obstacle so that the player cannot overcome the obstacle too easily. When game conditions exist, the game continues and the outcome is uncertain, producing as much experience and Drama as possible.
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  • Heaven
    Re-integration with and being Essence, i.e. the state of Illumination.
  • HIC
    Abbreviation for Human Identity Complex, synonym: avatar
  • Human Being
    A psycan in a shell of realities that generate the illusion of being a unique human character, operating a physical body on planet earth.
  • Human Experience
    The total cycle of incarnations of a psycan on Earth, 500+. It can be called the Human Experience, Adventure, Exploration, Game, Drama, Movie, Theater, Novel, Sleep, Dream, Descension, etc. These are all synonyms. The one chosen in any particular sentence can be random, or it can depend on(...)
  • Human Identity Complex, aka Avatar
    One of the layers in the shell around the psycan. It creates the experience of being a human being with a particular personality, character, likes and dislikes, etc. Synonym: avatar. It accumulates negative energy which must be cleaned for enlightenment.
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  • Identity
    Any creation of the psycan about himself thereby determining what he is and is not. The most important ones are the NEIRs and PEIRs. Shells of being include many identities.
  • Illumination
    The Fifth Level of Consciousness: the release of all individuality so that the psycan re-integrates completely (or almost completely with Essence at the lower levels of illumination).
  • IMHO
    Abbreviation for: in my humble opinion. My job is to report Essentiality as it is. So when I say something that is my opinion, I mark it IMHO so there is no confusion with my personal ideas and points of view and Essentiality itself.
  • Infinite
    Really, really big such that limits, if there are any, have never been found.
  • Integrally Rich Life
    The creation of the realities/experiences that you desire in all of the 12 areas of life. The UHB will create no-results=drama in multiple areas of his life. The SEB manifests what he wants in all areas.
  • Integrally Rich Life (IRL)
    The 12 areas of an integrally rich life are: spiritual, identities or human being, intellectual, emotional, spouse and family, other relationships (work, leadership), body and health, sex, work/career/business, finances, material possessions, and experiences.
  • Intelligence
    The ability to perceive the lay of a situation and to plan how to overcome obstacles and produce the desired results.
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  • Karma
    What you create or cause, you will eventually experience. If you love = generate positive energy, you will naturally experience love. If you do evil, generate negative energy and increase entropy in the One, you will naturally experience that. Karma is long term, often taking multiple(...)
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  • Liberation
    The discharge of energy and the discreation of realities in the shell to free the psycan of those experiences (ego, evil, neg-Essence, and neg-energy in the avatar).
  • Limbo
    The 5 Stages of the Human Experience are Evil-Hell; Drama-Purgatory; Awakening-Limbo; Enlightenment-Paradise; and Illumination-Heaven. Thus, limbo is the unstable and uncertain period of transition between Drama-Purgatory and Enlightenment-Paradise.
  • Love
    One of the 13 Characteristics of Essence. All forms of positive energy and action. Opposites: neg-love, anti-love.
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  • Manifest
    To manifest is to attract into your experience (life) something already created, usually by others. To create is to cause into existence something new, something that did not exist before. Examples: You manifest a car or money or a person to love. You create a painting or a business or the(...)
  • Manifestation
    Whatever is manifested. Synonym for reality and for creation.
  • Master of Life
    Enlightenment is the relationship of the psycan with his spirituality and with Essence. Master of Life is the relationship of a SEB with human affairs. He has mastered himself and therefore human experience. He lives free of negative emotions, conflicts, pain, attachments, resistances,(...)
  • Matrix
    From the famous 1999 movie series starring Keanu Reeves. Matrix is a synonym for the Creation, for the world as an illusion in which we-psycans are playing.
  • Maya
    Hinduism and Buddhism: The Creation as an illusion behind which is Essence. The transitory, manifold appearance of the sensible world, which obscures the undifferentiated spiritual reality from which it originates.
  • Movie
    A story built around a game which is the (dramatic) struggle to overcome obstacles.
  • n
  • Neg-ego
    The hallucination that one person (or group) is superior, greater, or more than another; who is perforce inferior, lesser, worse. This is, obviously, polarization. Neg-ego then polarizes even further into goodbad, and then hallucinates justification for evil, the use of neg-energy to dominate,(...)
  • Neg-energy
    Abbreviation of negative energy which is to say negative love, darkness, evil.
  • Neg-love
    Abbreviation of negative love; all forms of negative energy and negative actions.
  • Negative<>Positive
    Negative is that which is unpleasant, painful, not wanted, unproductive, harmful, destructive. Opposite: Positive.
  • NEIRs
    See PEIRs. NEIRs are the polar opposites of PEIRs.
  • p
  • Pain
    All forms of negative psycanic energy; all negative experience, negative thoughts and emotions, and identities. Darkness and Evil are painful. Resistance is painful. Suffering is resistance to pain, therefore resistance to resistance.
  • Paradise (on Earth), another name for the 4th Level of Consciousness; Enlightenment
    Life on Earth is positive, happy experience contrasted with the pain and suffering of Level 1 and Level 2.
  • PEIRs<>NEIRs
    Positive Essence Identity Realities Negative Essence Identity Realities. PEIRs affirm the 4 characteristics of Essence: Wisdom, Power, Value, and Goodness (Love). NEIRs deny or counter-create them. PEIRs and NEIRs form the BE in the Causal Sequence. There are four great NEIR masses in the shell.
  • Pilot
    A person highly trained in Being Transformation Technology and in how to guide others. All teachers of Psycanics and Essentiality must first be pilots.
  • Piloting
    The guidance of another person in the exploring and controlling his psycanic universe, making any desired changes.
  • Polarize, Polarization
    To divide and separate people or groups and label one side superiorinferior, which progresses to goodbad, apparently justifying neg-love (evil) to the negative polarity. The evil can include: invalidation, judgments, criticisms, rejection, ostracism, punish, and even death. Polarization is an(...)
  • Positive<>Negative
    Positive is that which is desired, pleasurable, creative, useful, productive. Opposite: Negative.
  • Power
    The ability to produce the desired results in any area of life, and particularly to create and discreate.
  • Process
    Any of a myriad of ways of moving energy, creating and discreating realities to make changes in your BEing and therefore in your Causal Sequences= your life. A process may follow formal protocols, or a good pilot can invent one on the spot to guide his explorer to achieve his desired result. (...)
  • Protocol
    A protocol is all the formal, written instructions, rules and procedures to be followed to produce a particular result. In BTT, a protocol is the procedures and steps of standard flows of questions and instructions for creation and discreation during sessions of BTT.
  • Psycanic, psycanic experience
    Psycanic means pertaining to the psycan. Psycanics experience is all realities-experience that the psycan perceives directly in consciousness as opposed to physical realities that he perceives through the instrument of his body. Psycanic experience includes BE, FEEL, THINK, and RELATE: (...)
  • Purgatory
    The 5 Stages of the Human Experience are Evil-Hell; Drama-Purgatory; Awakening-Limbo; Enlightenment-Paradise; and Illumination-Heaven. Thus, purgatory is the stage of negative experience, of pain and suffering, between Evil-Hell and Awakening-Limbo.
  • r
  • Real
    The condition of a reality when it is being experienced. A reality not being experienced is not-real. Not-real does not mean that it does not exist, only that it is out of perception. Most of the shell is not-real most of the time.
  • Responsability
    1- The portal to Creator Power. 2- Ability to respond, to take action. 3- Recognition of Cause followed by action. 4- A personal decision that ends victim.
  • Responsibility
    A duty to care for or do something, or produce a certain result. A legal or moral obligation.
  • Rxx
    Abbreviation for resistance.
  • s
  • Self
    Synonym for the being. My self = my being.
  • Shell
    See ESM: Essence Suppressor Mass
  • Sleep
    Synonym for avidya, for not knowing Who You Are and so being lost in the Human Dream.
  • Spirituality
    Your degree of experience and expression of Essence in Her 13 Characteristics. The characteristics of spirituality include Wisdom, Power, Love, Responsability, Humility, Transparency, Service, Discipline, Excellence, Integrity. To find a School, you need a true source of spirituality. You(...)
  • Subconscious
    The psycanic space around the psycan but outside of his conscious perception. Synonym: the unconscious.
  • Suffering
    Resistance to pain, which is resistance to resistance. Pain is negative experience; when you resist your negative experience, the resistance is an increase of your neg-energy which is more pain, as well as persisting what you are resisting. Resistance is Pain and Persistence. Your negative(...)
  • t
  • TE
    Abbreviation for Time and Energy, which are Life. Your life is your Time and Energy; in the ultimate analysis that is all that you have: your TE. The wise person values his TE, considers it more important than his money and is careful to use and invest it well.
  • Transformation of Consciousness (ToC)
    1- At the personal level, ToC is enlightenment: consciousness of oneself as an immortal spiritual being connected to the One. 2- Planetary ToC: sufficient enlightened beings to swing the values and paradigms of humanity from materialism, neg-ego, brutal(...)
  • Transparency
    The absence of negative energy and resistance. A state of being that is non-reactive and non-resistant to others and events. 2- On the Love Energy Polarity, Transparency is the point of no or neutral energy between Love and Evil.
  • v
  • Victim
    A person who assigns cause-responsability for anything in his experience to any person or event outside of himself, thereby creating himself in effect and innocence for his creations and experience. A victim gives away his creator power.
  • w
  • Whipple
    The pronunciation of WPVL: Wisdom, Power, Value, Love, the characteristics of Essence most sensible to human beings.
  • Who You Really Are: There are two levels to your Being
    1- Psycan: an Ego-Force individualization and limitation of Infinite Essence to generate a spiritual entity living in the illusion of less than and separate from the One. 2- The One Infinite Essence. You are Essence; you are all of Essence; there is only the One Being. Your psycan-separation(...)
  • Will
    One of the 13 Characteristics of Essence; the power to move and form energy, thereby to create realities.
  • Wisdom
    1- The knowledge of Who You Are. 2- The understanding of how Essence and existence really work (of which Essentiality is a model).
  • World Transformation Project
    A project to inform the world of Essence and Oneness and to take to enlightenment as many people as possible, resulting in a chain reaction and eventual transformation of the Human Experience from Darkness and Evil to Light and Love.
    Abbreviation for the Characteristics of Essence that most affect human beings: Wisdom, Power, Value, Love-Goodness. In the negative polarity, these comprise the four Essence Identity masses (NEIRs) in the shell and the negative BE in the Causal Sequence. Along with the evil mass, these are the(...)
  • y
  • Yin and Yang
    YinYang is one of the fundamental polarities of the Creation. Yin is the feminine element: receptive, passive, patient, softness, shadow, coolness, relaxedness, perceptive, intuitive, enjoyment, present time, flowing, malleable, adjustable. Yang is the masculine element: force, power, action,(...)