Jose Luis
Jose Luis Gamboa
55 years old
jlgamboaieh (at)

Before: In my mind I had always believed that life was amazing and that I was blessed by it. However, I was destroyed by the death of my girlfriend because of  disease and a motorcycle accident we had while I was driving.  I felt empty, alone; my life had completely turned around and I couldn’t find the way to stop my suffering. I felt so much guilt. I felt God had snatched away the one thing I loved the most for no reason, because I was sure I was a good person. I was in some form of madness; I would see my girlfriend in all the faces I saw while walking in a mall or down the street.

My health was deteriorating, I was getting physically better after the accident, but I was gaining weight due to the lack of exercise. I was no longer interested in other relationships and I decided that money was no longer important, along with many other negative ideas I created. I couldn’t sleep well and would cry almost every day. I wanted to find relief.  Although I understood that life can be instantly lost when you least expect it, and this helped me appreciate my family and my things a lot more. My main goal was to stop my suffering and come out of the hell I was living in to try and rebuild my life.

When I began studying at PSI I was very skeptic. I left the first day of a seminar disappointed, but on the second day a pilot stopped me on my way out and asked me how I felt. This pilot offered me a BTT session, which I took, and on the way back to my hometown, I realized I felt different. I was blown away, because I had been going to Thanatology therapy for 8 months and I had never felt a difference like the one I was feeling at that moment. That’s the moment I decided to keep going. Step by step I began recovering my joy, my will to live, and the desire to tell other people about the trauma I had gone through and that you can get better after it. I cleaned all my traumatic incident and was able to let my girlfriend go with love and deep gratitude.

Now: Once in ESAE, I had an experience with Essence, I felt the Infinite Love and recognized who I am.  I am now aware that I am energy. I am a spiritual being living a human experience, and I am on my way home. I can feel that other people are spiritual beings just like me.

Mentally I feel really good, meditation has helped me regain control and trust over my mind, stopping myself before I go into anxiety or worry.  My relationships are very positive, I have no problems or issues with anyone, and I feel I can give more love and put more work in them to bring them to a new level of love.

I left a job I disliked, I was tired of it, I felt trapped and unhappy. Now I work in network marketing, which is helping me grow and have the opportunity to reach more people and help them in their awakening. My goal is to be an example of success, having a life of abundance.

My values are my awakening, my personal and spiritual development; to be better than I was yesterday, to apply the knowledge I receive from the school, to learn from my mistakes, and to become a more loving being, to serve love better and help share the knowledge we have in the school.

The knowledge that has impacted me is: Total responsibility -> power -> results, Victim -> No power -> no results = drama, BTT has been fundamental for my life, feeling Infinite Love has changed my life, having a sheet of disciplines, understanding what a reposition of energy and being accountable is, the Causal Sequence®, polarities, ECW (VEC), realities, experience, consciousness, NEIRs, time management, teak work, F1, and the service seminar.

My gratitude is to all the people that have made this possible, including me.

Deneb Castelán Toralva
42 years old
dcastelantoralva (at)

Before: For as long as I remember, I had always felt sad, empty, not even being around people that loved me changed this. I suffered a traumatic incident when I was a child, so painful I couldn’t even say the name of the person I thought had hurt me so bad. I was constantly having relationship drama, suffering abandonment from my partners and feeling guilt for ending the relationship with the father of my daughters.  I also had no goals, no sense of purpose, nor any reason to be alive.

I have been lucky to work in what I love to do, but I always had conflicts with the people around me. There are people that refuse to talk to me because of how I treated them. I was constantly arguing, yelling and fighting. I was unable to listen or understand other people. I was always messing up my relationships, living in pain, no results and blaming others for everything that happened. It never crossed my mind that I was  causing all of this.

Now: I have found the pleasure of enjoying life, of noticing small things that I never realized existed. I can enjoy the wind on my skin, the sun, cloudy days, the rain I enjoy, walking, eating, smiling, giving a ballet class, feeling my freedom, feeling how I am part of One, and enjoy how everyone else also is part of me. I feel completely free all the time, when I’m walking, when I am home, at work, I can say it’s almost permanently and this fills me with immense joy. My integrity has grown and I value much more the time others give, and that makes me even more on time. I have a sense of purpose now: to live a healthier life. I’m watching my diet in what I eat, what I drink. I stopped drinking alcohol when I felt sad. Now I can work on my emotions and I don’t need it anymore.

I have worked through my Darkness: I no longer want to destroy or hurt others when they run a stop sign, or when they litter, or when they do something wrong, I can see all these experiences in acceptance and love. I eliminated the deep sadness and anger I had all my life towards my father and other people I thought had hurt me. I can now say their names, not feel any pain when I see them, and I can feel gratitude towards all these people, because thanks to them, I was able to work on myself and grow. 

I have let go of a pre-programmed mother role: I had to have obedient children, keep them quiet, and they had to do whatever I wanted, whenever I asked for it. I can now see my girls and appreciate how each one of them is completely different and it requires me to relate to her in a completely different way. Each one of them has their own growth and comprehension progress. We have more moments of happiness, play, laughter and fun. I understand, very clear, that I am only a guide in their life, and that each one of them will take flight to their own life.  I cleaned the relationship with their father, which is now is much more harmonious. He helps a lot more without me asking. I am deeply grateful to him for everything he brought into my life, for his love and respect. Thanks to him I’ve been able to work on my confidence, self-worth, and self-image.

I have worked on my anti-value a lot. I felt devalued every time a partner would leave, now I can see this, and them, in gratitude and love for everything they gave me and showing me where I needed to grow. Now I feel wiser and more intelligent, and when I don’t understand something, I accept it and look to investigate/learn about it. I work on applying everything I have learned every day. If I fail, I don’t criticize or judge myself, I just accept it lovingly and seek to change it. 

I work in ballet, which I am passionate about. My relationship with my former students is wonderful; I have been able to contribute to the life of each and every one of them, not only professionally, but in their personal lives as well, and they have told me so. I’ve had people come up to me and ask me what am I doing, since they see me different. They ask me questions about their emotions and what can I recommend them.  This makes me realize the importance of giving service to others and it fills me with love to share some of the things I’ve experienced, it gives me a satisfaction beyond words.

My goals are radically different than before. I no longer want a mansion, maybe just a house by the beach to enjoy with my daughters, since we all enjoy the sea. I no longer desire a big, fancy car, I now want a simpler car. I don’t need recognition or validation from others, I can do that for myself.

I feel deep gratitude and love for the school, for each teacher, pilot and staff that have contributed to my growth. Each one of them has proven their love and service to me when I have needed it. Essence put me in the place my being needed to grow and become the light this planet needs. All I have left to say is “thank you, thank you, thank you”.

Ana Karen
Ana Karen Santamaría
24 years old
ana_karen950102 (at)

Before: I had a life full of drama and suffering. I lived in the past, always remembering the abandonment of my biological family. I suffered sexual harassment and abuse from my stepfather for years and had to cover up my suffering, pretending everything was OK. I had toxic relationships, allowing my partners to hit me or psychologically abuse me. I would constantly recriminate myself for everything that happened to me, for everything bad in my life. I ran away from my problems. I used to think that the best I could do was to get away from my family, to finish my career, get a job to get enough money to be happy. I was very self-centered and I would invalidate any person that I knew felt inferior to me. I would constantly judge and criticize others, but deep inside it was me that I was not accepting. I always had this feeling that that wasn’t who I really was, something would constantly tell me that was not going to work to get out of suffering.

When I arrived at the school I was already looking for answers, for a solution to everything I had been carrying for 22 years, because no matter how much I tried to evade what I felt, it would always come back stronger. Since I was young I had a sensation that there had to be something else, a way out. One of my best creations was meeting my partner Miguel, because he’s the one who invited me to the Scientific Spiritual Retreat. This was one of the best decisions ever because the greatest thing I felt in that event was relief, liberation, for finding a place that could help me come out of all this suffering.

Now: One of the biggest changes has been my anti-value. I have worked really hard on it. I have liberated myself from many emotionally traumatic events in my life. My relationships are much better, they are no longer dramatic and I can see the perfection of the family I chose. I have forgiven my stepfather. I also now feel more connection with Love, with my Self, and with the world that surrounds me. I have gotten better at creating and manifesting in my life, and that leaves me in deep gratitude. My negative identities have diminished and I am now more aware and responsible for everything in my life.

I feel lighter. I see myself in a new level of love, of the vision I have for my life, my desire to be a light for this world. I now know I have a mission in this life and I am ready and committed to taking a leap of faith and giving it my all. I am ready to leave my past and move forwards.

Without a doubt, the most important knowledge and processes I’ve had are the AEI liberation. They have profoundly shown me who I truly am: a being of love and light. I have cleaned very negative things, not only from my past in this lifetime, but I have cleaned and taken responsibility for much damage that I’ve done in other lifetimes.

I am infinitely grateful for all the teachers in the school, for your love for this mission, because without it I would not be everything I know I am today. I recognize your growth, your mastery, your commitment, and above all, the love and passion for what you do. Infinite Love never leaves you, and if I am sure of anything, is that this school is the most beautiful creation you’ve ever done.

Augusto López Neria
24 years old
Xalapa, México
augusto.zrii (at)

Before: All my life was based on how popular I could be (including dressing according to fashion, even if I didn’t like it, going to the best parties, etc.), how much money I could have, and how many girls I could have sex with. I lived most of the time with a mask of being a cool guy; but truthfully, my self-esteem was on the ground. I felt ugly because I am short, skinny, and I have unruly hair.  My life at home was unbearable; similar to a war zone. I hated my sister and my mother so much that I couldn’t even stand looking at them. We would constantly fight over minuscule things. I would escape around 9 PM almost every day, and go out with my friends to drink and smoke most of the night. My only goal in life was to be successful in network marketing to impress everyone with all my achievements, all my money, and how bad-ass I was.

Now:  My biggest achievement is to work on my self-worth. I realized that what I looked like physically doesn’t determine who I am or how I feel. My self-esteem is determined only by how much I love myself, and that everyone else could do or not do and that had nothing to do with how I choose to feel.

As I worked on my self-esteem, what began changing gradually was the relationship with my family. It was notorious.  The fights began to decrease, my understanding and acceptance of them began to grow, and at some point, their own perspective about me began to change. Once they realized that talking with me was no longer a source of fights, they began to open up and my relationships slowly got better. Our relationship is now supportive, cooperative and very loving, with a lot more room to grow.

While it really hurt at the time, my friendships also changed radically. I was no longer hanging out with people that would look for fights, or with thieves or snobs. I made new friends with people that were interested in creating a positive change, including spiritual people, that also like to have a good time!  I now like to spend time with myself in introspection; I no longer have the compulsion to constantly seek sex, I feel at peace and satisfied in life.

My main short-term goal is to create and teach a seminar for young adults, guiding them in finding their life purpose. Another is to continue expressing a life of abundance, joy and balance between human and spiritual life. In a BTT session I had, I realized I could die at any moment, ¡it was a huge awakening! I realized I had to work on achieving what I came to do.

In Essentiliaty I’ve learned that love is not just about feeling nice things or meditating; Love is action. It’s about what I am putting out in the world. I have learned that my love for others is what I do and express, not just what I feel.  This includes that nothing, absolutely nothing, justifies negative energy. It’s one of the most challenging and confronting concepts I’ve had to face in my life, because every time someone gave me negative love, my first impulse was to hurt back.

Thank you, Angel, you are a great warrior and have opened the path with Psycanics.

Thank you, Mycal for giving your life into creating all this knowledge and for organizing it so clearly that it  cannot be misinterpreted, and for creating such a clear path Home.

Thank you, Issis for being brave and opening to new realities and for bringing and expressing the power of Love on Earth.

Finally, thank you to all the people that are building the school now, for deciding that it is going to get done no matter what. Every time I want to give up, I see your example and there just no way I cannot be inspired by you. I have benefited greatly from your love. Thank you, Family. I love you with all my heart.


Angélica Sotomayor
45 years old
as.getajob (at)

Before: My life was all pain. I was finally able to end a 4-year long toxic relationship but I would constantly cry from the internal conflict of not wanting to go back to him, but at the same time feeling that I needed him so much; it was a terrible attachment. I was in a cage at work, I hated it but couldn’t quit because I was afraid to not be able to find another one. So I just stuck around. I would constantly meddle in other people’s lives, wanting to fix it for them, without realizing it was because I was frustrated by mine but ignorant to how to fix it. I was always looking to rescue women out of toxic relationships, looking to help someone else escape where I couldn’t. I had huge conflicts with my every single one of my children, wanting to impose what I thought was “better” for them. I was the rescuer and the martyr of my family, always worrying about everyone else, trying to fix their lives. I was addicted to pills, any time I felt bad I would pop one, trying to fix my pain. I was in total victim, with no responsibility, in total darkness and completely ignorant that I was there.

During my studies in PSI I began to realize that I was operating all my life in my anti-value identity and I was in the emotional dumps because of it. I wasn’t being responsible for my life, I blamed destiny, other people, my parents, my ex-partners, and anyone else for what happened to me. I had deep resentments with my parents that stemmed from blaming them for abandoning me and not loving me when I was a child. I also had deep resentments with all my past partners for not valuing me and not appreciating the “big heart” I had and everything I had given them trying to make the relationship work no matter what. I couldn’t see that I was trying to buy their love, looking to make them feel committed through guilt and manipulation.

Now: One of the biggest changes I did was to ask my ex-husband to move out; he was the man of my dreams, a great man. But I knew he wasn’t happy with me and that I was forcing him to be with me because I was terrified to be alone or to see him with someone else.  I faced my fears, liberated myself, and completed my divorce. This is one of my biggest triumphs in life, a great liberation.

I used to have a huge need to feel someone hugging me at night, I couldn’t sleep without it. I was very stuck in this for many years of my life. I no longer need this. I don’t even need to sleep with anyone anymore. I am now enjoying being by myself. I no longer need or want to share my bed, closet or room with someone else. I want to live alone. I would like another relationship, but I want to have separate rooms so we can each have our privacy and schedules without bothering the other. I am learning to not have my life revolve around my relationships, and I am no longer afraid of losing my partner. I take my decisions based on my happiness, not based on what I am afraid lose.

I am very happy with my life; I feel at peace. I am more accepting and transparent to what happens around me. I practice the GGGNLT and this gives me mental peace. I no longer demand for things to happen the way I want. Actually, when people ask me to “pray for this to happen” I can no longer do it, because I have no way of knowing what’s the best outcome in that situation, and it’s not my place to intervene in someone else’s path. If I feel like it, I pray that whatever happens be in harmony with the whole world, according to Infinite Love’s divine will, knowing it will be perfect. I no longer want my will or other’s will to be what happens.

I now experience what my teacher Angel Gonzalez always told us: I am aware and I have experienced that I am the architect of my life because I’ve been changing it as I’ve wanted it to be.

I also faced my fears and left my old job. I now have a job I enjoy very much and get paid very well, but even better, it’s aligned with my mission in life.  Of of my goals is to keep saving money to accomplish my mission in life: helping women recover their power and freedom, but with love and compassion. I want to train to be a pilot, a coach, I want to give conferences, and eventually a dog rescue shelter in Mexico.

The knowledge I’ve acquired in the school has taken me to another level. I no longer feel dumb, I can now defend myself in an intelligent and loving manner. Before I used to feel profoundly dumb and I felt people ate me alive. After and argument, I would come home and all these ideas of things I could have said or done to defend myself would come rushing to me and I would feel more stupid. Now I constantly surprise myself with my ability to answer in a loving way, and I know it’s loving because people don’t feel challenged or upset, they just listen to me. No more arguments or fights!

I now know I am responsible and creator of my life; I have freed myself from victimhood and I reclaimed the power in my life, and this is how I’ve been changing and transforming it.

I now know who I really am, and I feel valuable, loving, powerful, creator, I love myself!

I am very grateful to the school for all the transformation that I’ve had in my being and for the happiness I’ve found. I want to thank Mycal for his great mission to awaken other beings and bring them home. I want to thank Edgard, my councilor for never leaving me behind. I want to thank Itzy and Minerva for all their piloting and patience. I want to thank the entire staff for everything they do to create the school and the path for my awakening, for all their love and hard work. Thanks to you I am who I am now.

Rocío Vázquez Morales
56 years old
rocio100363 (at)

Before: I was a person with very, very little self-worth. I harbored deep resentments from my childhood because my father used to hit and humiliate me. My mother was always absent, she was always working. Unconsciously, this taught me this was normal. Later in life, I lived in deep pain, suffering, and resentment because of the betrayals of my past 3 partners. It was always the same story: I thought my partner was going to give me the love I wasn’t giving myself, so in all 3 relationships I was with men that were controlling, unfaithful, and alcoholic, one of them used to beat and humiliate me, and I economically supported them all!  I felt abandoned, angry at life, especially when my husband died and left me alone with 2 small children, I was deeply afraid of not being able to keep going in life.  I had terrible relationships with my children, especially with my daughter that had been sexually abused by one of my ex-partners. My other children were very dependent on me, even as adults they didn’t work and I had to support them. I thought that once I retired, I would be the happiest woman ever, so when I did, I started traveling, but I felt very alone. I didn’t know how to be alone. So again, I looked for another partner, another terrible man, that I couldn’t leave because I felt responsible for him. But thanks to all this I found the school.

The first thing I started working on was my self-worth. My main goal was to feel valuable. It might sound easy, but I actually invested a lot of time on it.  I also spent a lot of time cleaning all my past relationships, with partners, their family, and with my own parents. I even repeated the trainings because my brother also joined me and we went through them together. Psycanics helped me clean my relationships, and I began to fix the relationship with my daughter (but not all of it). My real change was in the ESAE. This is where I recuperated that relationship completely. I strengthened my being to be able to do my passion in life: to help others. I brought my daughter to the school and she also had great changes in her life, which is one of my biggest satisfactions in life. I now recognize that I am the creator of what happens in my relationships, and I’ve been applying it with my partner, who is also studying and growing with me.

Now: I am in peace and tranquility in my life, and in total, complete acceptance of what’s in it, because I know that I am completely responsible for all of it.  I am in transparence and acceptance to everything that I like and don’t like. For example, my diabetes that began this year. I have learned to love it, and grown in my wisdom to have a better quality of life thanks to it.  My children are now independent and self-sufficient, they no longer live at home – this is one of my greatest achievements as well. My spiritual life has top priority now, my disciplines are part of my life. I meditate, exercise, do my creations, read my code of honor, and I enjoy life. From the beginning to the end of my day, I am constantly grateful for all the positives in my life, and I learn from the negatives. I no longer get upset when things don’t go my way, I have learned to trust in life, in Essence, in this amazing path I have.  Money-wise I have what I need and a little bit more. I love my life. I love what I have become: a being of Love, Humility, Transparency, Grateful, Wish and Powerful. 

My goal is to help others and Essence guided me to become a Doctor of Laughter. I am the coordinator of a group of people and together we work to get children with terminal diseases achieve their dreams and be happy. It’s one of the most beautiful things I can do in life and I cannot thank Essence enough for putting me there, I can feel she did that.

Cleaning my ESM and AEI has been fundamental to my connection with Essence and having experiences I cannot even explain, except I am more open, receptive, and loving. I can feel the perfection of the Cosmic Polarity and I know I’ll be experiencing both polarities to love and value them. Everything that I am given and taken away is always perfect.

I create the drama I want to live my life, and when I tire of it, I can let it go. I can honestly say sometimes I enjoy it.

I like experiencing my WPVLJ, recovering my light, being a creator of my happiness, and my primary objective is to live in my experience of Being, beyond my human form, enlightened in connection with Essence.

I feel deep gratitude for all this knowledge and experiences that have changed my life. Gratitude for the teachers, pilots, coaches, Mycal, everyone. Only someone that has walked through this path and knows what it means can understand the work they are doing.  I am deeply grateful, in total humility and love for the work they’ve done to change the world, and create a better one. I can imagine a world without Negative Love, and we all have a responsibility in creating that and working for it. Many, many, many thank you for your love, dedication, and commitment.

Miguel Uriostegui
23 years old
miuri1595 (at)

Before: My life was all about partying and enjoying every day. All I cared about was to earn enough money to go out on weekends, where my goal was to get drunk and get laid. I would go to the gym to have a good physical aspect and accept my body, but the truth is that relationships were very superficial. I would only use girls for a little while; they were disposable. I would only be friends with certain people because they were popular kids in the university and their parties were fun, but I really didn’t find any support in them. When it was party time I could be drunk for 3 days straight, not stopping my drinking at all.  I used to enjoy to scorn and humiliate others any chance I had. I was very aggressive in my alcoholic state, I would look for fights. But all this was just a reflection of my inner life. Sometimes, while in this state, I would go into a deep crisis of feeling profound emptiness that I could only cover up with more women, alcohol, and material things.

My relationship with my family was terrible. I had no relationship with my father: I resisted him and had deep resentments towards him. I felt he didn’t care about me and all he wanted to do was to control me. My mother was more of the same, constantly nagging me. I would come home and lock myself in my room, while they would admonish me for my bad grades and my excess partying. I had a terrible relationship with my sister, we would constantly humiliate one another.

I was very clear about my future goals: I was going to finish school with a masters in finance, and I would begin my career as a broker or investor and earn a lot of money. Money was my only goal. Money and more money. To have good things, a good quality of life, luxuries and pleasures. All this with setting up my own business, of course, because I wasn’t going to allow anyone to command over my life. I was not going to work for anyone. I was deeply afraid of not achieving what I wanted, I was afraid of being humiliated, always feeling I was less than others. I was deeply insecure about everything and would create great false pretenses; half my life was a lie. I used to tell lies to impact and dazzle others. I used masks of being better and knowing a lot. I pretended being a bad-ass, but inside I was living in hell. Deep inside I didn’t find purpose to anything, I was tired of being alive. I didn’t want to do anything, but I was resigned to keep living because if I had to, I would be living with the most luxuries and pleasures possible.

Now: When I started studying at PSI I was quickly filled with enthusiasm. I started feeling deep changes very fast with help of BTT, After using so many masks, I started feeling authentic. I healed my family relationships. I stopped being reactive to everyone and I can now look at them with deep love and humility, accepting them for who they are. I still get activated at certain things, but in general I am much more open and loving.

I recognized the negative patterns of infidelity in my relationships, and how I was treating women as something less valuable. I stopped it completely and my current relationship is with a lot of love and mutual growth. There’s a lot more to work on, but I am very happy to see the awareness and intention we both put into growing the relationship.

My ego has diminished in a great size, I can now observe the millions of beings there are, and how each one of them is perfect. My crazy monkey mind still gets away, but I have much more control over it.

As I cleaned my anti-value, I also removed the expectations I had created about me and refocus my life to what I truly wanted to do. In other words, to remove the blindfold from my eyes and observe I was moving in the wrong direction, and stop myself in time. I will always be grateful to the school for this.

Just working on my NEIR masses gave me tremendous growth, I became someone completely different and that has allowed me to create beautiful experiences in these past 5 years and get away from the wrong path I was so surely walking.  The last seminar I took with PSI gave me a glimpse into my mission in life, but that was only the beginning. Discovering my mission in life was one of the biggest gains I’ve ever had, because I literally found meaning to my life. I understood the why to many things, why I had certain qualities, why my path had taken me to the school, why my relationships had been the way they were, why I was the way I was. Everything together made sense and it was perfect.

My path through ESAE has been quite an adventure, I have gone through many different stages, from deep love to hating the whole world and wanting to leave the essentiality school. With the AEI process I was able to experience and liberate that thing that I didn’t know what it was, but it weighed deep in myself. Thanks to this I was able to experience Essence and have contact with the positive pole and love. My growth takes about 50% of my focus right now, if not more. Even when I’m at work I am thinking and communicating with Essence.

My relationships are very few, I no longer have tons of friends, but the ones I have I love them very much. Recently I began working more strongly in my humility and service, so I can give my present and future relationships a better version of myself. When I worked in the relationship with my family, but especially my father, I felt how a huge block that was similar to a rock was dissolved, that opened up my feeling a lot, and especially my love.

I have so much gratitude to all of you. You are such warriors, some of the sharpest ones I know. First Mycal, to be able to have such knowledge explained in such a simple and scientific manner is a huge task. I know of no other school that has this type of knowledge and I’ve learned to value it deeply.  I also want to thank all the teachers and pilots, no matter what, no matter how tired, and if you are tired, you keep going tired, I have begun feeling a deep admiration for all of you. Without you, none of this would be possible. You have illuminated my life and the rest of the student’s lives; I cannot feel but infinite gratitude forever.

Gabriela Guerrero
48 years old
dgaby71 (at)

Before: My mind was completely out of control, I was in some form of insanity. My mind was always rushing, without control, sick, jumping from one thought to another.  I had no control of it. Emotionally I was sick, always blaming others for everything that happened to me. I was unhappy, insecure, frustrated; I felt like a failure, I felt that nothing I did had any value, I felt caged, very attached to comfort, to money, to my partner, to my children. I thought my worth was based on what I had or owned, on what I wore, but never for who I really was. I was deep in negative ego: I was prideful yet, I felt small compared to people that had more money than me, or with intelligent people that had a career. I would constantly compare myself and my family. I would mistreat my partner and my children; I would control them and allow them to control me because I was afraid they would leave me.

I had terrible relationships with almost everyone: my children, my ex-husband, my mother, my siblings, my friends, with random people on the streets. I was very reactive, would hold grudges forever, vengeful, insecure, proud. I had no compassion understanding, much less love for others. And I would feel terrible, because I wanted to be good and do good, but I couldn’t because of all the pain I felt, all the frustration. I would sell myself out, doing things I didn’t want to do, or going places I didn’t want to keep peace in my relationships. I would do what others wanted and then I would be very angry with myself and with others, blaming them and then feeling guilty.

My life felt pointless, just filled with frustration and suffering, fear, control, and pain. My values were to have a united, happy family, support my children in achieving their goals forgetting my own. Actually, I had no goals.

Now: When I began studying in PSI was that I first became aware of what was happening and began taking responsibility for everything that happened in my past or present. I began believing that I create my thoughts and actions, that I could clean my energy, that I could change. And that’s what happened. Slowly, I took responsibility for myself, for my actions, thoughts, and emotions. I took responsibility and became more and more aware, my life slowly started getting better. I chose the people and situations in my life to have games and drama, to spiritually evolve, to learn to love, respect and value myself. I can now see that everyone else is just angels that love me very much and are there to help me grow, forgive and to practice my forgiving them.

The way I see the school is that they have taken me by my hand, they have taught me, they have guided me to become aware, responsible, and taught me how to love myself and others. They’ve taught me how to be disciplined, how to have goals, how to be happy, to find my purpose and mission in life. I am now more aware, more responsible, more free, happy. I feel peace. I have a great relationship with myself, with Essence, with my children, with my ex-husband, my mother and siblings, with friends and strangers. I am not attached to my children: I give them a lot more freedom. I am no longer reactive, it’s pretty rare to feel activations, and if I do, I work on them immediately.  I no longer judge or criticize myself, nor others. I am more compassionate and understanding with others, much more humble. I communicate with Essence, I feel guided by her wisdom and love. 

My life now is very conscious. I want to keep preparing myself to serve Love, to accomplish my mission which is to be happy, to enjoy life and to help my brothers and sister to awaken their consciousness and return to Love.  I no longer waste my time; I am more aware to enjoy every minute of it. I am more positive, more intuitive, I have more wisdom and I like sharing it with others. I give more service. I have my mind under greater control, which gives me more peace and tranquility.

My goal is to continue cleaning my negative energy to continually grow in understanding and love. To feel completely free, to feel at Home all the time. I am working on my financial freedom to be able to dedicate more of my time to the service of others. I want to train to be a pilot and to be a Master of Life to help my school in its mission, to help my community awaken, to help my children discover their life mission, to continue healing myself and be in top shape so my body is a perfect vehicle to the service of Love.

I am in deep gratitude to my school. I wouldn’t be the person I am today without them. I love my school; it has been my right hand in my growth. They have guided me, step by step, to where I am now. I am very grateful to my teachers, thank you each and every one of you. I am crying as I write this because I feel so much love and gratitude for your help, your guidance. I bless you with health, abundance, freedom, and so much love. You have taken the time to help me and grow me. Thank you to all my pilots, I thank you with all my soul, for all the time you took to help me. Thank you to the staff.  I am totally grateful to Mycal, I have a profound respect for you, for being the channel and working so hard in this mission, which is now my mission. I love you and bless you. I place my school in a golden white light, covering it with all the light of Essence, all the blessings, all the love, all the awareness it needs for this planet. May you attract beings that are ready to awaken, may we all return Home together. I bless this school, which is my school, and the school for future generations. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Daniel Bernal Rebollar
34 years old
dalandro (at)

Before: My mind was a fiasco, I was always lost in it, making stories and judgments about other people. My emotions were fine, as long as there were no events or people that would trigger me because I would explode and burn with anger. 

My relationship with my partner was terrible, I was sabotaging it constantly. I was always late, making her wait for me. I would have no patience or tolerance with her, constantly invalidating her way of thinking and being. We would fight screaming all the time. We would cheat on each other and I would blame everyone except myself. Although sometimes, I suspected I was the one to blame and I would try to change but I would inevitably revert to my old ways. My life was about banal things most of the times, my only goals were to have a lot of money, cars, and women. I always knew I wanted to change lives, but I didn’t do anything to change my own first. I always wanted to change other people, but never myself.

Now: During my studies, I discovered I was the main creator of my life. I realized how much negative love I was giving and how blinded I was to it thinking I never acted in a negative way. It was a huge surprise to discover that I was the main generator of my suffering in life. I saw how much I was in victim, constantly complaining and blaming others. I could see that I pushed my girlfriend away, making her go seek other relationships.

Ever since I started working in my IAE I’ve recognized how much I was sabotaging myself because of it. I can now understand better how it works and that it’s my decision to get closer to the light or darkness. I can feel how my life and enlightenment are proportional to the depth of my work on my Darkside.

I feel very grateful to have found a path Home, and that is so structured and clear. I can see my life transforming and how I can be successful at what I put my mind to just because I am me, because I clean my negative energy, because I recreate myself as I want to be. Life is wonderful and the change is in me.

I now live in a different world, but most importantly, I feel how my life is changing and now I’m feel passion, enthusiasm, purpose, and that I have no limits. I can feel my power as a spiritual being grows, I can feel my connection with Essence stronger than ever. I get sparks of connection and when I need help solving a situation I can feel Her presence. In every meditation I can feel my connection with everyone and everything, and I can feel how it’s all just a game.

My mind is much more at peace. I no longer dump my pain on others. I no longer create crazy stories. I get sick much less frequent. When I sabotage myself, I recognized it faster and can stop myself from continuing to do it. When I fail, I can accept my mistake and clean any damage I’ve done.

My values are: integrity, punctuality, responsibility, trust, and honesty. My goal is to feel my enlightenment as soon as I can so I can serve love and help with the transformation of the world.

I am thankful for Mycal, for dedicating his life to sharing this knowledge. And to all the teachers and pilots for your contribution to my life.


Juliza Vizcaíno
39 years old
julvizqui80 (at)
341-110-1150 (MX)

Before: I really thought I lived in a perfect world; everything seemed to be fine. I had a good childhood (with a few exceptions: my mom was always busy, never had time for me, and my father never expressed his love for me; I still loved them very much). I am part of a family of four women and one man. My two children, my husband and I lived in my parents’ house. We moved in with them to help my father through his disease, and yet he died the following year. Dealing with this stress created a chaos in my mind, my emotions and my relationships. Once my father died, my brother, who had always been kind to me, changed radically (I used to blame his wife for this). I started dealing with the inheritance, along with my mother and sisters, but my brother came along and turned them all against me. He convinced them that I was ambitious and that everything belonged to him by birthright. I was left out of the will and business, kicked out of the house, and this hit me hard because I had made future plans with my inheritance. 

Now: When I began studying in the ESAE everything seemed to get worse. I felt as a pressure cooker exploded inside of me.  But as I continued my studies, I realized I couldn’t continue making myself the victim, and when I took responsibility for my life, everything changed.

I can now look at my family’s actions and behaviors in acceptance, I am no longer in victim of them. I recognize I am creator of what I decide to live and I’m responsible for my life. I let go of what I was fighting for, my parents’ home and the business, I thought it was for me, but it wasn’t. I no longer carry any guilt for anything, I now know there’s prices and consequences for everything.

I am at peace and serenity with myself. I learned to stop judging myself for who I am, and for not being who I am not. I even help my husband, who tells me that he has noticed great changes in me, even if he’s not in the school, his thoughts and life has changed for the better. Our relationship is better than ever.

I am confident that Essence guides my life and takes care of me. I am experiencing abundance in my life, more happiness, I am serene most of the time. I have freed myself of many things, including material things, relationships, and negative emotions. If I’m facing some difficulty, all I have to do is stop, open up to feel my being and Essence and I recover the experience that everything is going to be easy and perfect.  The freedom I feel now is invaluable, it’s the best thing that has ever happened to me. I changed and everything around me changed, as if by magic. My relationship with myself has changed as well, I accept myself and love myself more.

All the knowledge I’ve studied in the school has been of great impact in my life. I can recognize that I’ve been guided to where I am now, but I am still impressed that I was accepted into the school. I didn’t realize it at the time, but I was destined to be here, it was my being who brought me to the school.

All the BTT, whether it’s live, recorded or in group, has been helpful to lighten my NEIR masses. Thanks to this knowledge my life has turned around.  The spiritual retreats have been of great help for this life change. The AEI processes have been of great help. They have helped me accept that just as I am, a being of Love, I am also the opposite polarity, which is my darkness, the anti-love. Thanks to this work I have accepted myself more, recognized how loving I am, and recognized the perfection of everything that happens in my life. I consider the AEI work as the thing that has done the biggest difference in my life.

My goals in life is to be a light that shines on the path to go back Home, so many more people can walk it. I want to study piloting to be able to help more people. I want to give conferences and share the knowledge. I am excited to be an instrument of love to many more people.

I would like to thank Nora Vega, who invited me to take the online course, and for my supervisor for not allowing me to give up and insisting that I went to the spiritual retreat in 2017.

Thank you to my teacher, Mycal Powell, for being a torch of awakening of so many others. Thank you for the knowledge, your love and your commitment.

Thank you to my teachers, my guides, my advisors, pilots, staff and fellow students. You are all beings of light and love; you are truly my spiritual family and I love each and every one of you. Thank you, thank you, thank all of you.