The Causal Sequence of Life

The 6 Arenas of Life

Your life, consists of 6 Arenas of experience, of types of energy-realities. Everything in your life occurs in one of these 6 Arenas: BE, FEEL, THINK, RELATE, DO, HAVE.  The first four, BE, FEEL, THINK and RELATIONships are psycanic energies; the last two, DO and HAVE are physical.  All the arenas are polarities; they have a positive, productive, happy side, and they have a negative, unpleasant, painful and undesired side.

Your BEing consists of all your identities, your creations of what you are and what you are not.

Your FEELing is all of your emotions, positive and negative.

Your THINKing is everything that occurs in your mind: ideas, knowledge, memories, images, desires, etc.

Your RELATEing is your energy exchanges with others, your communication energy and how you treat them and respond to their treatment of you.  While saying and doing are physical, relationships are primarily psycanic energy interchanges (i.e. love<>neg-love) between beings.  That energy exchange is love or neg-love. Naturally, others will activate and resist your neg-love.

Your DOing is all your actions, behaviors and habits, including work, addictions, compulsions, etc. 

Your HAVEing is your body and health, and your finances and material possessions.

The Causal Sequence

The six arenas form the Causal Sequence of Life, from left to right:

The elements to the left determine the elements to the right.  For example, what you know (THINK) determines how well you perform (DO), which determines your results, HAVE. Your FEELing affects your THINKing. Have you ever tried to reason someone they are angry or full of fear?

Your BEing consists of you-psycan creating identities to form what you are and what you are not.  You-psycan are Essence; you modify you-psycan; you BEcome other things by creating realities of what you are and what you are not, which realities are called identities because they are about the creator, not about the Creation.

Your BEing determines your FEELing: your emotions are your love, positive or negative, for yourself according to Essence identity, positive or negative, that you are adopting in relation to any event.

The leftmost element, BEing, is the only causal element. It is the only thing alive, the only element with consciousness and will, with the power to decide, to move energy and matter, and to change the other elements. Everything else is “dead” energy (FEEL and THINK), actions (DO) or things (HAVE). These arenas are all results, effects, not Cause.  Only you, the BEing, are Cause.

Everything in your life originates in your BEing. Of course, in Level 2-Drama, the appearance is exactly the opposite: everything in my life originates outside of me, from the actions of others, from events beyond my control. I am but the victim of life. This is a great identity-reality for Drama, but it kills your personal power to create your life as you would have it.​

The power and the beauty of the Causal Sequence is that you only need to change your BEing and all the other arenas change automatically to correspond to that BEing.

Positive states of BEing naturally produce positive Causal Sequences: positive energy and experiences in all the other arenas.

Negative states of BEing naturally produce negative Causal Sequences, negative energy and experiences in all the other arenas.

The magic of the Causal Sequence is that, using BTT, you can take any negative experience in any arena, trace it to your causal negative BEing, to a negative identity. Discreate that negative identity and re-create yourself in the relevant positive identity, and all the rest of your arenas in that Sequence will change automatically. Being Transformation Technology is a precision procedure to change your BEing which changes your Causal Sequences and therefore transforms your life. 

A single hour of BTT is often sufficient to eliminate traumatic incidents like violence or rape or childhood beatings. A few of hours of BTT is usually sufficient to resolve even severe PTSD.  A few of hours BTT can resolve life-long addictions such as alcohol, tobacco and drugs. An hour or two of BTT can resolve long-standing, even bitter, relationship conflicts. Simply put, it is the most powerful technology of change known on the planet. It is so powerful because it bypasses the mind, thought, analysis, understanding the past and emotions where psychology aims. BTT works directly on the composition of the spiritual being that you are. You are the creator of all your experience, of all your realities; and what you have created you can discreate.[1] Empower your creator and you end Game Conditions and your Human Adventure changes from negative (Level 2) to positive (Level 4. (Level 3 is Awakening, a transition.) 

[1] If it is still not real for you that you are the creator of all your realities-experiences, then where does your reality-experience that you are not the creator, come from? In the beginning, in un-manifested Essence, there is nothing but Essence. Everything that exists is a creation and all creations have creators. You are Essence individualized and are in charge of your universe within the Creation, of all your realities and experiences. There is no one interfering in your free will. You a child of Essence incarnating with the Creation in order to expand it from within by creating whatever you wish to experience. You are totally free to create-experience whatever you want, positive or negative, Love or Evil, happy or painful. Essence has NO preferences; She celebrates and enjoys ALL creations You can try to say that God creator of everything and not you, but that is Stage 2 denial of responsibility, which is to create yourself a victim and all the Drama that goes with that creation. On top of all that, you are Essence; you are God.