Your BEing

You-psycan are Essence. You are innately the 13 Characteristics including Consciousness, Wisdom, Will, Power, Value, Goodness and Love-Joy. For the purpose of our discussion here of BEing[1] and identities, we are interested in only four: Wisdom, Power, Value (self-esteem) and Goodness-Love, which we will abbreviate WPVGL and call “wipple”.

[1] BEcome and BEing. We will use “BE” when we want to remind you that we are talking about the first element of the Causal Sequence: BE.

To be human, to live evil and drama, you cannot be Essence; you cannot be wipple. In fact, you must BE the opposite of wipple: ignorant, sometimes foolish, almost powerless (to have Game Conditions), full of neg-ego (believing self-superior or inferior to others), and a bad person not worthy of love.  (Every human being has all these identity creations, although they may be subconscious.)

To BEcome negative Essence, you created your shell. Your shell modulates you-psycan to generate your BEing, everything that you have created that you are (also defined by creations of what you are not, e.g. “I am not powerful”. Your BEing is everything that you add and subtract to you-psycan to have other experiences of self (in this case, neg-Essence). Your BEing is defined by your identities. Your BEing is everything you are being and not being; all your creations of self.

Your identities are your [creations—>realities—>experiences] of what you are and what you are not. Examples:  I am wise <> I am stupid; I can do it<>I am unable; I am worthy<>I am less than others; I am good<> I am bad. This will be clearer with the table below.  Your identities modify you-psycan to BE or not-BE whatever you want or need to be experiencing about yourself. The only ones that matter are your Essence polarity identities: these determine your BE in the Causal Sequence.

Your identities are polarities. The positive ones affirm your Essence (wipple); the negative ones deny or counter-create it. The four Essence polarities are wisdom<>neg-wisdom, power<>neg-power, value<>neg-value, and good<>bad.  The positive Essence identities are called PEIRs: Positive Essence Identity Realities, and affirm wipple. The negative ones are NEIRs: Negative Essence Identity Realities.  Your NEIRs are denials and contra-creations to your Essence, to your wipple.

Here is a table which shows examples of PEIRs and NEIRS in the four flavors of Wisdom, Power, Value and Goodness-Love, positive above, negatives below.

Note: The linguistic expression of the identity is not important; it is the concept of negation or affirmation of the characteristic that is important. There are many ways to express each concept; here are only four or five for each of the four flavors of identity.

Can you recognize in your life your experiences of the NEIRs?  There is one or more present in every negative emotion, every relationship conflict, every addiction, every negative behavior that you have.  EVERY HUMAN BEING HAS ALL OF THESE 4 NEG-ESSENCE IDENTITIES. However, many people are not conscious of them, and when they are, think they are only thoughts.  They do appear to be thoughts, but are not.  They are huge masses of energy, of realities, in the shell.  What you perceive of one at any moment is the tip of the iceberg.

Your BEing, any identity, is the first element in your Causal Sequences and determine whether that particular Causal Sequence is positive or negative. For example, BE—>FEEL:  your BEing determines your FEELings (emotions). ALL your negative emotions in life are your neg-love for yourself in a negative identity, a negative state of BEing (next chapter).

Your Essence Identities are the most powerful factors in your life. They are your BE in the Causal Sequence formula that controls your life: BE—> FEEL—> THINK—> RELATE, DO—> HAVE. Your BEing, your identities, determine your results in all the other five arenas of life.

The Existential Imperative, the underlying motive of all human behavior, is to control BE-FEEL.  Everything you do in life is to try to control your Essence identities, to control who you are, to be Essence again. As your emotions are your love for self, positive or negative, determined by the PEIR or NEIR of the moment, controlling your identities also controls your emotions, which are your only happiness or pain in life.  

Your NEIRs control your human success, happiness — and your enlightenment. For all of these, particularly for enlightenment, you must discreate them and re-create yourself in PEIRs, which is to re-create yourself as Essence. 

I realize that this article is a small explanation of what is a huge concept and is insufficient to truly communicate the importance and power of identities.  I hope only to leave with the understanding that the mechanics of you-psycan and your BEing are precise and well-known within Essentiality.  You must discreate the negative side, the neg-Essence side of your Being (your NEIRs) to liberate yourself of these suppressions to your Essence.  Again, the Essentiality Being Transformation Technology is a system for doing so.