Love is all forms of positive energy. Your love for others is the positive TE[1] you give them: your time and attention, your support and service, your labor on their behalf, your money.  Anything you do or give positive to others that is not remunerated is love. (If it is remunerated, it is an exchange, a job or commerce, not love.) Obviously, anything negative you do to them is the opposite of love: i.e. evil. 

[1] TE:  abbreviation for Time and Energy which are your life. Your life consists of your time and your energy.

However, love has another dimension, that of love yourself.  Your love for yourself is your emotions.  Your emotions are your self-love energy.  Obviously, the positive emotions are positive self-love and the negative emotions are negative self-love.  Love for others is action; love for self is your emotions.  Others don’t know and often don’t care how you feel; they experience what you do, how you treat them. 

Your love for others is the TE you give them.

Your love for yourself is your emotions; how you feel at any moment. 

Law of existence and happiness:

Love is the only happiness that exists. 
Neg-love is the only pain and suffering that exist. 
Ergo: Your emotions are the only happiness or pain that exist.

Your emotions are all one and the same energy.  Your emotions are a energy polarity that has a spectrum from the most negative (the blackest hate) to the most positive (divine ecstasy), but the basis substance (love) is the same.  You do not have many different kinds of emotions.  Each emotion is a different point on the one spectrum of love energy, like temperature, or the visible light spectrum where the colors are variations of the same light energy (photonic radiation).

Your emotions are your love for self +/-, determined by your Essence Identity+/- that you are (unconsciously) activating in relation to the events of your life. 

This is expressed in the Causal Sequence by BE—>FEEL. Your BEing (identities) determine your FEELings, your emotions.  Your emotions are self-love+/- according to whether you are in a PEIR (Positive Essence Identity Realities) or a NEIR (Negative Essence Identity Realities).  Your negative emotions are your negative love for yourself because you-psycan are in a neg-Essence identity, in a negative state of BEing.

It is very important to understand here what we call Responsability for Experience. Your experience, your emotions are NEVER caused by the trigger events. NEVER EVER. There are no cables, no wireless, no connection whatsoever, between the external physical world and your internal psycanic energies.  Events only trigger identity masses in your shell.  You will never control all the events in your life.  You can control your identities and that is all that is needed for happiness all the time no matter what.  A SEB has discreated all his NEIR masses and so is not reactive to external events; he lives in serenity and Peace (13). 

Again: You cannot directly control your emotions; they are automatic love-energy responses to yourself, to who you are BEing, to your identity +/- of the moment.  (Suppression is not control and is not healthy: repressed emotions will go to your body and cause all kinds of health problems as well as psychological ones.)  What you can control are your identities; you can discreate your NEIRs and re-create yourself in Positive Essence Identity Realities (PEIRs).  The Being Transformation Technology does this with great precision. 

Verify a NEIR in your experience

Everything in Essentiality can be verified although sometimes verification, as with all sciences, requires time and effort.  However, NEIRs are easy to verify and here is an exercise to do so.  This exercise is about feeling, not thinking.  Do not analyze; don’t even try to understand your experience.  We are only interested in the absolute truth of your psycanic energies as you can perceive-feel-experience them directly in consciousness.  Mind and thought, as in all meditative exercises, are a hindrance.

We will use anger as the entry emotion, but the principle is the same for all emotions:

  1. 1. Take any situation in your life where you are getting angry. Imagine yourself in that situation and let yourself feel your anger. (Remember: anger is not good or bad; it is just a flavor in the love energy polarity.)
  2. 2. Exactly what are you angry about? What is it that you can’t do or get? For example, let’s take a relationship conflict. You want the other person to do something or give you something.  This could be something material like money, or something immaterial like attention, listening, respect, or obedience. For example, parents get angry with their children when they don’t obey.  Spouses may get angry when the other party does not listen.  It doesn’t matter what the thing is that you can’t do or get; just identity it.
  3. 3. Now go through or behind your anger and focus on the experience of neg-power; of not being able, of not having sufficient power (the thing you can’t do or get is irrelevant).  Feel the experience, the energy, the reality, of how much that you can’t do or get what you want in that situation. That experience is one of your neg-power identities, a NEIR.

If your anger is strong, you might have problems feeling through the anger to get to the identity.  The procedure for reducing the anger so that the identity is clearly experienced is to discreate your opinion of bad to the NEIR.  (This will require a pilot to teach you how.) 

The identity might seem to be just a thought.  However, thoughts are very light and ephemeral energies.  Your neg-Essence identities are massive.  What you feel in consciousness behind your anger is the tip of the iceberg of total anger in your shell.  A thought is here and gone in an instant.  Your NEIRs have been with you since you became a human 500+ lifetimes ago and will be with you forever until you discreate them.  (Discreation of all NEIRs takes about 200 hours of BTT which a student of Essentiality should have done by the end of year 3 in the School.)

Common Human Hallucinations

1. How I feel, my emotions, are caused by external events, by what others say or do, by what happens in my life. 

Wrong:  Your emotions are automatic love-energy reactions to who you are being in the moment, to the Essence identity+/- you are assuming in relation to events. 

2. External Quest: Happiness is something external to me (as opposed to my internal energy state).  I can stop my painful emotions in life and reach happiness by controlling the externals of my life because they cause my emotions.  I only need to have sufficient power to control everyone and everybody around me so that they don’t do things I don’t like; and to be able to accumulate whatever is the cause of happiness (fame, fortune, relationships, etc.)

Wrong: A- No human has or will ever have that much power.  B- Nothing external can ever determine your internal state of being.  Love is the only happiness that exists, and Love is your degree of your recovery of your Essence. 

3.  My love for others is how I feel about them.  When I feel good about someone, I know I love them. 

Wrong:  How you feel is your love for yourself.  Your love for others is how you treat them; with liberty and positive energy, or with trying to control them and with negative energy.  When you feel good about another, it is because you are activating a PIER (Positive Essence Identity Reality) in relation to him or her

This chapter is only the barest of introduction to the subject of identities, emotions, and the Causal Sequence of Life.  If you study Essentiality, you will become an expert on the subject, able to trace any negative situation in your life to your causal NEIR, discreate that NEIR and re-create yourself in a PEIR.  That automatically changes that entire Causal Sequence.