Want to be happy?

Please read: the Causal Sequence, Self-Love, and BTT articles before reading this one for deeper comprehension. ​

An activation is the faster-than-thought movement of a NEIR mass from your unconscious shell to your consciousness. You experience the NEIR mass as a charge of negative emotion (anger, fear, guilt, sadness, depression, etc.) However, the emotion is just neg-love energy for yourself for BEing in the negative Essence identity you are adopting in relation to the trigger event. There are only four flavors of NEIRs: neg-wisdom; neg-power; neg-value, and neg-good (I am a bad person). NEIRs counter-create your Essence so that you can have game conditions and therefore Drama.


There are only two options:

1. Resistance which includes suppress, evade, distract yourself with activities, or plaster over your negative experience with addictive substances and chemicals. 

2. Discreate the NEIR which permanently discharges that amount of mass from your shell.  Repeat this enough and you will no longer have NEIRs or negative emotions.  (Enough is about 200 hours of BTT in its various gradients.)

The UHB (Unenlightened Human Being) operates in the Fatal Identity—>Fatal Paradigm —>External Quest sequence. 

The fatal identity is the belief that “I am not cause, not creator of my experience.”

The fatal paradigm is the belief that.  “Given that I am not creator, external things must be. I am the unhappy, experiential victim of external events.”

The External Quest is all effort to control others and events to:

A) Avoid pain and suffering, i.e. NEIR mass activations, by stopping the trigger events. 

B) Achieve happiness by accumulating positive triggers: whatever appears to be the cause of happiness: success, money, fame, relationships, whatever that person believes will produce happiness. 

Of course, the entire sequence is a hallucination: You are always the creator of your psycanic experience; nothing external can ever cause you to think or feel anything, or force you into any identity; and the only source of happiness is your degree of Essence, of Love.  All other goals produce what are called MOPs: Moments of Pleasure, which are just activations of PEIRs and, as the person is depending on externals to activate them, are always fleeting.  Human existence is periods of desire and effort interspersed by MOPs. 

First, the UHB tries to avoid activation by trying to control what other people say and do, and to stop, change, punish or destroy “B-SNB” things and events. This is impossible; nobody has the power to always control others and events in his life. However, the trying to do so is a great source of games, problems, conflicts and Drama, especially in relationships. 

When that fails, and the UHB is activated, he then goes into resistance of which there are many forms. Some people suppress their emotions directly (which is unhealthy as emotional charges cause physical dysfunctions). Some use substances such as alcohol, tobacco, tranquilizers (Valium, Prozac, etc.), illegal drugs, or food. Others use distractor activities like shopping (”retail therapy”), social media, video games, excessive cell phone use, even sex.  

They all develop addictions to whatever their NEIR mass activation strategy is. The power of an addiction over a person is always his own determination not to feel “bad”, to avoid his negative experience.  (BTT eliminates addictions very quickly by discreating the NEIR being avoided.)

His resistance to his experience causes persistence of the experience in that there is no discharge of the energy mass. Eventually the NEIR mass subsides back into his subconscious – where it awaits another trigger to activate again, and again, and again for the rest of his life. Thus we live the same patterns of negative emotions and negative behaviors and relationship conflicts and addictions over and over. Great Drama, but not much happiness. 

How the UHB handles his psycanic experience.
Resistance causes pain and persistence.

How a Master of Life does it

A Master of Life (MOL) (person who understands how life, experience and relationships really work) does the opposite.  First, he welcomes activations because he knows that each one is an opportunity to discharge that neg-energy from his shell, from his being. Each one is an opportunity to change and re-create himself. He integrates with the NEIR, lets himself BE it fully. This discharges the energy from the mass which discreates that reality; it ceases to exist. This permanently eliminates that amount of neg-mass from his shell. Each time he processes an activation, his shell grows lighter and lighter. He re-creates himself in PEIRs.  His experience of self as a psycan in positive identities and his contact with Essence grows every stronger. His is evermore happy, both through the elimination of the negative energy and through the increase of positive energy. 

However, a MOL does not stop there.  He then actively activates himself to speed up the process of his complete liberation of all NEIR masses. 

For enlightenment, you must discreate much of your shell (by energy liberation from realities).  You do this by discreating every NEIR when it becomes available to you in an activation.  (Note: you only have to discreate the NEIR; the neg-emotion will disappear when the NEIR is gone.) Again, BTT is a precision technology for discreation of all parts of your shell.

How a Master of Life handles his psycanic experience.
Discreation through experience.

Activations of Evil

Many people also experience activations of the pure evil layer of the shell. This is experienced as rage, hate, desire to harm or destroy, glee in the misfortunes of others, excessive neg-ego, obsession to self-glory. These experiences can become very strong and persistent, even all the time.  Look at the world and you can see people in this energy: many criminals, serial killers, full time terrorists, for examples. Essentiality has processes to alleviate the evil mass in the shell and, of course, to eventually discreate it completely as is necessary for illumination. 

The layer of evil in the shell "leaks" into the experience
of some human, even in Level 2-Drama