The only thing that exists is the One, a single Being of 13 Primordial Characteristics. These are: 

1. Light

2. Infinity

3. Oneness (Unity)

4. Consciousness

5. Wisdom

6. Truth (certainty that Essence is Ultimate truth)

7. Will (Power)

8. Magnificence

9. Perfection

10. Beauty

11. Love

12. Peace

13. Joy

Whenever someone reports a contact with the Deity, as in meditation, religious, mystical or entheogenic experiences; he will report one or more of these 13 Characteristics.[1] Whenever you experience these Characteristics in your human life, such as when your child is born, or you go to the mountains or the sea or the forest, or look up at the starry night sky, or you feel inspired by the magnificence of music or art or architecture, or you perceive the intrinsic beauty of mathematics or science; you are experiencing a twang of your Divine Essence.

[1] We will always capitalize the first letter of all words that refer to Essence, the Deity, and there will be many more than just these 13.

Whenever you experience the opposites of the 13: anger, fear, hate, guilt, sorrow, depression, powerlessness, worthlessness, badness, jealousy, envy, shame, desire to harm or destroy (as opposed to create or build) etc.;  you are experiencing the negative polarity of your Essence, which is what you came to earth to do  (as explained in the book Essentiality I).

The 13 Characteristics are all the One and the same thing.  The Characteristics are “1 into 13”; and “13 in 1”. They are  One Energy, One Essence, One Life Force, the One Being.  They are all the same energy much like white light is one energy at the same time it comprises the many colors of the rainbow. We will use “Essence-13” or  “Love- 13” whenever we want to remind you we are referring to one of the Characteristics.   (You will find the Characteristics explained in the book Essentiality II.)

The One creates everything that exists out of Her own substance, her own energy; out of Her Essence.  We shall call her Essence, for She is the substance, the Essence, of all that exists.  She is both Creator and the Creation. [2] All things are formed of Essence, by Essence. There is not that which is not Essence. 

[2] “Creation” versus “creation”. “Creation will have a capital “C” when referring to the entire Creation, the Cosmos, which is everything that exists, all dimensions and universes.  The Creation is Essence manifested.  A “creation” is any thing, any reality, with the Creation. Examples: The Creation consists of an infinity of creations.  Every thought is a creation of the person experiencing it.

You are Essence. We are all Essence. We are all the One and Only Being. We are all ONE. There is nothing else we can be for there is nothing else but Essence. She is Ultimate Truth, the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end of all existence.  

In physics, She is known as the quantum field, that no-thing out of which all energy and matter arise. What science does not understand about the Field is that She is alive; She is Life itself. What science does not understand is that we are the Field incarnating within the Creation. She is here, there, everywhere, all the time. You are in Her right now. She is fully conscious of you; you are unconscious of Her; you are asleep in Her. You can change that: you can learn to perceive Her and communicate with Her which is to communicate with your Higher Self.

Deriving from the 13 Principal Characteristics are 20+ qualities of being you will experience as you enlighten, as you grow in and towards Essence. They are the Qualities of Pre-Essence and include: Transparency, Responsibility, Power, Trust in Life, Self-Worth, Humility, Simplicity, Sincerity, Detachment, Liberty, Enthusiasm, Patience, Harmony, Compassion, Kindness, Serenity, Abundance, Gratitude, Service, and Happiness.

Together, the 13 Characteristics and the 20+ qualities of Pre-Essence are the properties of spirituality. You are spiritual to the degree you are living in the

of the 13 Characteristics, particularly
Wisdom, Power, Love, Joy, Humility and Abundance.

You are not part of Essence; you are all of Her. There are no parts in One. Both your spirit (psycan) and your body are formed out of Essence by Essence, by you. Your apparent individuality, separated and isolated from the One and from all others, is an illusion.  The human mind cannot encompass that you are the One, that you are all of Essence, but you-spirit can experience this with the right guided meditation. 

Likewise, everyone and everything else is also the One. As Essence, you are everyone and everything, and they are you. You-Essence are in all beings and all things, everywhere. The appearance of Many is a necessary part of the illusion that is the Creation; but the Truth is We are all One. To the human mind it appears impossible and preposterous that we are all One, but in enlightenment, you live in this experience.

You are the One partitioning your Self into the illusion of a separated individuality, of a small spirit.  You do this with the ego force.  You are not an ego; you do not have an ego; you are an individualization of the One Consciousness.

Why You Do Not Experience your Essence

As a psycan (spirit), you created a shell of energy around you that blocks out Essence and generates for you the experience, the illusion, of being only human. You then descended into the Creation to play and adventure and have many experiences of all types. You are currently incarnated on earth in a human body to star in your Human Movie experience.

To be a human being, you must not-know Who You Really Are, not-know your Divinity and true Power. You are suffering from auto-created mystical amnesia, called “avidya” meaning “ignorance” in Buddhism and Hinduism. Only by creating mystical amnesia of your Essence, of your True Nature and Divine Creator Power, can you have obstacles and problems and challenges and conflicts and drama, essential elements to any good movie. To be human and to live the Human Adventure, the Human Drama, the Human Dream, you must be asleep to Who You Really Are, the Creator of it all.

Avidya allows you to lose yourself in the illusion of being human. Coming to earth is like going to a theater to watch a movie. To fully savor a movie, you must forget who you are in real life. You must identify with the protagonist and become absorbed in his goals and challenges. A good movie makes you forget who you are outside of the theater and has you become the hero, sweat his obstacles and trials, and live as much suspense, drama and emotion as possible. 

In all movies, stories, sports and games, the ultimate purpose is to feel, to experience, to live, as much as possible, both positive and negative experiences. (By the Laws of Polarity, you can’t have one without the other.)

Congratulations!  You have been totally successful in hypnotizing your Self to believe that you are only a human being.  With the same power you have put yourself to sleep, you can wake yourself up and recover Who You Really Are.  That is Enlightenment.   To guide you to your Enlightenment is the purpose of the Essentiality School of Accelerated Enlightenment.