The Creation

An infinite space stretched out before me; I was only a tiny speck of consciousness. The pure Essence of Love washed over me in waves of sound, color, and ecstasies. In that infinite space, a nameless number of worlds existed, each with their own life forms and experiences. Countless dimensions / planes / worlds inside countless spheres on countless tendrils of God; and It was in the act of experiencing all of them at once.

God is sitting quietly on Her Eternal Couch watching countless movies all at once, the very movies we are making every second of our lives. More than that, God is living each life with the liver, literally looking through our eyes as we go about making the choices of our experience. God allowed me to feel what being It felt like; and inside It. I lived every life in existence, infinitely.

It is everything and everything a part of It, everything one with It. I saw that nothing that anyone does can be “good” or “bad” because God is only Love. Even in our judgments and hate and horror, we are searching for Love, searching to return to It. Everything is truly okay.

Anonymous report of a mystical experience of the Creator

Being the One, the 13 Characteristics, is an ecstatic experience—for a while. However, in the Unmanifested One, there is nothing: nothing to do, nowhere to go, no one to play with, no challenges, no games, no goals, nothing to play with, nothing to play for (prizes), no drama, no good, no evil. Over a long time, such as eternity, you can understand how that could get monotonous.

But not a problem. Essence is Infinite Power, Infinite Energy, and Infinite Possibility. She can be anything, do anything; She has no limits of any kind. So She creates the Cosmos, the Creation. She manifests Her Self as everything that exists.

She creates everything that exists out of Herself, out of the spiritual Essence She is; there is nothing else out of which to create anything. With Her Infinite Creator-Will, she forms Her own Substance into all that exists. She is both the Creator and the Creation. She exists before, outside and beyond the Creation. She is inside the Creation. Taking form, She is the Creation. There is not that which She is not[1].

The Creation (aka the Cosmos) is Essence manifesting Her Self in everything that exists, in an infinite number of dimensions, each with innumerable universes, each full of realities and teaming with beings.  (A reality is any form of energy being what it is; everything that exists is a reality from a subatomic particle to a galaxy.)  The Creation is everything that exists, all created reality.  The Cosmos is the Creator expressing, manifesting, forming Her Self into all that exists, into every experience possible.

[1]“Creation” and “Cosmos” with a capital “C” refer to the entirety of all created realities, as opposed to a specific reality which is a creation with the Creation.

Essence is the unmanifested, the unchanging. The Creation is a kaleidoscope of change and impermanence. New forms and expressions of Essence always arising as old ones are experienced and subside.

The Creation is a never-ending parade of creations-realities; new ones ever aborning, current ones ever changing, old ones ever dying away, for all of eternity. Birth- Life-Death; Creation-Experience-Discreation. The Cosmos is a kaleidoscope of ever-changing forms of Essence.

Our physical universe is but a grain of sand in our dimension of physicality, of matter. Our dimension is only one frequency in the spectrum of dimensions that is Cosmos. There is a finite amount of grains of sand on the planet; there is no limit to dimensions and universes in the Creation.

You might think of the Creation as a multi-dimensional, super-real hologram. Our dimension containing the physical energy and matter, is dense and slow, far down in the spectrum of dimensions, near the bottom. (I know this because I and my advanced students travel up through higher dimensions when we visit Essence, which anyone can learn to do.)


1- The Creation is like a megaplex movie theater with an infinite number of screening salons each presenting a different movie.  Psycans choose their movie—but they don’t just watch it: they incarnate within the movie and live it in 4-dimensional, total reality.  This can include, as it does for the Human Movie, that they completely block out Who They Are Really (spirit and Essence) to identify and lose themselves in their character, games and drama.

2- The Creation is like the matrix in the movie The Matrix (1999).  In the movie, our world is a perfectly real illusion in which all the people are in cocoons outside the illusion dreaming they are people in the world and living their human lives with no idea they are in an illusion, in the Matrix.  The world is exactly like that, a perfectly real illusion in which we psycans incarnate to live a Human Experience, our Human Adventure Movie. Except that, outside the Matrix there are no “evil machines” but Essence, the Creator. Enlightenment is to wake up to Who You Really Are, psycan and Essence, while still in the Matrix.  You then live your Human Movie from that level of consciousness, one of Essential Wisdom, Creator Power, Love, Joy and Abundance.  

3- The Creation is like a MMPORG:  a Massive, Multi-Player, Online, Virtual Reality Game, pronounced MORG.  These are computer games played over the internet with hundreds or thousands of other players.  Examples include Second Life, World of Warcraft, Multiverse, Star Trek Online.   In a MORG, the players are represented by an “avatar”, an iconic character that exists in the virtual world.  In the same way, your human identity, personality, represents you-psycan in the MORG that is Earth.  

The Purpose of Creation

The purpose of the Creation is EXPERIENCE, every experience possible, without limits.  Essence creates space, time, energy and matter; then partitions Her Self into the illusion of many beings and descends into the Creation to experience it and play in it for all eternity. This is what the Creator does:  She creates and experiences Her creations, infinitely and eternally.

The Creation is Essence manifesting Her Self in all Her infinite possibilities of Being to explore and experience all She can BE. The Creation is Essence manifesting Her Self into everything possible to know Her Self in all Her infinite possibilities of being, for all eternity.  

She can be anything and everything and She is doing so.  She has no limits; there is nothing She cannot be. There is nothing She should not be; there is nothing “bad”. This includes that She is the negative polarities, the Darkside of the Creation:  Drama and Evil.  The purpose of the Cosmos is every kind of experience possible: from the greatest Light, Love and Creation, to the darkest Evil, Destruction and Suffering.

Essence is Infinite Power over Herself, over the energy-essence of everything that exists. The Cosmos is Essence forming Essence into All That Is to explore Her infinite varieties of expression, to know Her Self and enjoy Her Self.  She is being the galaxies and the atoms, the stars and the planets, the animals and the plants, the rocks and the air.  She is being you and me. She is being all thoughts and all emotions, all happiness and all pain and suffering. There are no limits to what She can BE, and there is no thing which She is not.

The Creation is the sandbox, the toy box, the playground, the movie theater, the game board, the amusement park of Essence. The Cosmos is the “Disneyland of God”, full of rides and shows and adventures and dramas. Our world is the Matrix as in that movie.  It is a perfectly real illusion where we spirits come to immerse ourselves in our Human Experience Movies.

There is no experience that Essence denies Herself.  There is no experience She thinks is bad, that it “should not be”.  That would be to limit Herself and She has no limits; She is infinite freedom to create everything possible.  She wants all experiences, all kinds of experiences, every kind of experience, all possibilities of experience, bar none — including evil, as we shall see. There is no end to what She can be and do and experience: the Creation is infinite and ever changing and She has all eternity to enjoy it. There is nothing else to do in all of existence except create and enjoy the creations.

This is what She does: She creates and then She explores, plays with, experiences and enjoys that which She has created. For all eternity. Never ending variety. She incarnates in life forms by imbuing them with Her Self, with Life, with Consciousness, as appropriate to that form and then uses the form to experience matter. You are Her doing this now, in your Human Adventure.

You-spirit are a particle of Essence descended into the Creation to experience it and all that you can. Your life is an adventure, a game, a 4-dimensional, total reality movie. You are currently playing in the Creation, living your Human Drama Movie.

We may use any of the following words as synonyms for your human incarnation: Your Human: Experience, Exploration, Adventure, Game, Drama, Story, Movie, Theater, Illusion, Dream, Sleep, Descension, Amusement Park, etc.   You are also a creator, and you expand the creation by creating all that you do:  family, houses, business, art, music, cars, boats, airplanes:  everything is a creation. You also create all your psycanics realities:  thoughts, emotions, relationships, identities (states of being), love and happiness—or pain and suffering.


In Hinduism, the Creation is “maya” which means “illusion”.  It is a Perfectly-13 real illusion. The world is Essence appearing to our senses as all things, all forms of energy. The apparent reality of the material world is an illusion, a hologram, a matrix; the only Truth is Essence. Physical science confirms maya in that the world is subatomic particles which themselves are patterns of energy which are vibrations, perturbations in the quantum field which is No-Thing, i.e. à Essence. We see the world as solid matter, but we are not seeing the real nature of the universe:  Essence.

It is spiritually helpful to always remember that the Cosmos is an illusion; never Ultimate Reality, never Truth. Behind everything, behind all appearances, behind matter and energy is Essence. Everything is really Essence, made of Essence by Essence. She is the Infinite Consciousness Energy who forms the Cosmos from the Energy that She is. She is the Quantum Field that emanates the energy that becomes matter. She is always here, there, everywhere, everyone, everything. She is omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent. There is nowhere She is not; no thing She is not. Nothing She cannot do. There is nothing She does not know, past, present and future.

No Bad

The definition of “bad” is: that which “Should Not Be” (abbreviated SNB) apparently justifying the use of negative love to stop, change, punish or destroy it. (Negative love is all forms of negative energy.)

To repeat: The purpose of the Creation is experience, every possible experience. In the Creation, Essence manifests Her Self in all Her infinite possibilities of being and doing and feeling. Everything that exists is this One Being exploring Her Self in infinite varieties of expression for all eternity. This includes the positive and negative sides of all polarities, for example:  Love<>Evil. (Evil is the polar opposite of Love.) She has no limits; there is nothing She cannot be. There is nothing She does not want to be, and nothing that should not be; there is nothing that is “bad”.

The human being thinks some experiences “should not be”, that they are “bad”. For examples: negative emotions, pain, suffering, evil, gays, poverty, failure, problems, conflicts, etc. As long as you think any experience is “bad-SNB”, you have not understood Essence or the Creation.

“Bad-SNB” is a hallucination of the human mind. There is no thing which Essence should not be: there are no “bad” things. “Bad” does not exist in the vocabulary of God. This includes what we call evil, which from the Creator’s point of view is but another and magnificent exploration of Herself in Her negative polarity. She is Creator and She is Destroyer. This is the significance of Shiva in Hinduism.

 If something can exist, it does exist, and it exists because Essence wants it to exist. If Her Omnipotence did not want something, i.e. evil, to exist, it would not. Who am I to say that something should not be when the Creator wants it there?  Who am I to deny that experience to Essence?