The Great Human Adventure Movie


A multiplex is a big movie theater with multiple screening rooms or mini-theaters to show many movies at once. They usually have a long, central corridor with the screening salons for each movie branching off left and right.

This is a good analogy for the entire Creation. The Creation is a menu, a smorgasbord, of realities, of universes, of adventure experiences, of movies. You-psycan choose your theme and enter that salon. Other psycans go see other movies. You have all eternity so that you could eventually see all the movies – except that the Creation is infinite so that there are always new movies.

But Essence movies are not just something you watch. No!  They are Perfectly 13 real, total immersion experiences in which you are in the movie.  And not just in it; you are the protagonist of your movie.  And you are a supporting actor in the movies of others,  as they are in yours.

To fully be a human, you must not-know Who You Really Are (avidya).  You must identify and lose yourself in your human identity, your avatar in the MORG. To explore Drama, you must not-have your true wisdom and power. To explore Evil, you must create a shell of Evil Being that produces for your all your experiences of Anti-Essence:  hate, rage, jealousy, desire to hurt, harm, damage, revenge, destroy, steal, enslave, kill, etc. Remember, you cannot experience any of that when you are in your Essence. 

You are currently starring in your Human Experience Movie, pretending to be a human being. The Human Adventure, as we have said has five acts:  Evil, Drama, Awakening, Enlightenment and Illumination.

The Matrix

Another and excellent analogy for the world is The Matrix as in the 1999 movie by that name. Our world is a perfect-in-every-way illusion, a Matrix, very much like the one depicted in that hit movie.

Do see the movie if you have not because you really, truly, are in the Matrix! I suspect that movie was divinely inspired to prepare us to understand awakening.

You can awaken within the Matrix and 
recover Who You Really Are.

The differences I note between our reality and the Matrix movie are: 

1.  Outside and creator of the Matrix, instead of the “evil machines”, there is Essence, the One Creator Being of Infinite Love. As you are She, the One, you are the Creator of the Matrix. We are all creating it together and then playing inside it.

2.  When you exit the Matrix, you do so in spirit, as a spiritual being, not with your body. Our bodies are part of the Matrix, part of the illusion; they cannot go outside the Matrix (as far as I know).

3.  To have the level of power over the world demonstrated by Neo (Keanu Reaves) in the movie,  you must be close to Level 5 of Consciousness:  Illumination.

I have been outside the Matrix hundreds of times. My advanced students have all been outside. What I am explaining to you in this article and the entire Essentiality system for enlightenment, does not come from inside the Matrix.  If we could learn what I am reporting about existence from within the Matrix, I think someone would have reported it long ago.

I claim nothing special about expeditions outside the Matrix. Anyone can learn the forms of meditation that permit you to exit our reality. We are all equal beings; we are all Essence. We all come from outside of the Matrix; we are Creator of the Matrix.

Many people have exited the Matrix in out-of-body experiences, near death experiences, entheogenic experiences, high-energy meditations (samadhi). They may not have understood what was happening, much less how to control the experience and navigate in the Cosmos.  We all go outside the Matrix when our body dies; read about NDEs: Near Death Experiences.  (People who have religions tend to perceive their experiences through the filter of their religious beliefs.) 

There have been a few beings who did go outside the Matrix and did try to report it all to others, the best known being Jesus, Buddha, Lao Tze, and certain of the Hindu gurus. One of the problems they faced in their reports was the lack of words and concepts in the cultures and the languages of thousands of years ago, such that they had to explain things with analogies and parables–easy to misunderstand. The result we have today are the religions.

Students in the School have sufficient lightness of shell, energy and control to travel outside in their fourth year of study.


Another good analogy for your Human Game Adventure is MMORPG, which stands for Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game, and which we shall pronounce and write “MORG”.

MORGS are role-playing computer video games taking place in a virtual world in the internet which a very large number of players interact with one another through their online character, an avatar. An avatar is the graphical representation of the player or the character he has created to play the game.

The better known examples of MORGs include:  Second Life, World of Warcraft, Entropia Universe, and Onverse. 

Earth is a MMPRRPG (MORG):

A Massive, Multiplayer, Perfectly Real, Role-Playing Game.

On Earth, you are in a total-immersion, perfect-in-every-way, virtual reality. You can think of it as a simulation, as a hologram, as a virtual reality, as a matrix. You-Essence create it out of your Essence for your playing pleasure. However real it appears to you within it – and it is Perfectly 13 real – it is ultimately maya, an illusion. Ultimate Reality, the only Truth, is Essence.

The Matrix is Perfect.

The MORG is Perfect.

The Simulation is Perfect.

The Theater is Perfect.

The Movie is Perfect.

It is all real and completely an illusion, a Magnificent-13 illusion, a Perfect-13 illusion (the only kind Essence creates).

You-psycan are the player. Your human identity is your avatar in the game. You-psycan are totally identified with your avatar; you believe you are it. You have lost all remembrance of yourself as the player outside of the game. That is as planned, but it is also planned that sooner or later, you wake in the game and take conscious control.

In Stage 1 and 2 of the Human Game, you do not know the Truth;  you should not know the Truth so you can lose yourself in your movie; so you can take it all seriously; so you fully live the Human Experience as a human. If you were living in the Truth, the illusion that is avidya, darkness, evil, victim, struggle, drama, losing, failure, pain, suffering could not exist. Your Wisdom, Power and Love would be overwhelming. Enlightened beings live in the Truth; illuminated beings are the Truth.

There are no accidents or coincidences; everything that happens is a creation, part of the plot–including that you have created avidya and no-power to experience victim and drama. You have created the Game at a level of consciousness higher than that with which you are playing the game. You block that consciousness and surrender yourself into the Game of exploring all you are not in Essence.

Just as video games have levels, so does the Human Game, the five levels we have already seen.

The question is:

Now that you know, how much more time do you want to spend in Levels 1 and 2?  When do you want to move up to the next level where you wake up to the fact that human life is all a movie, a game, and to Who You Really Are?  You then recover your innate power to create and can play the game of life from a much higher level of consciousness. It’s totally up to you. You can continue in Level 1 or Level 2 for all eternity if you want. But many are now ready for awakening and Essence is here to help you awaken if you decide to. She sends you this article and the School. The choice is yours, and the work is yours. She is here for us to awaken and to transform the Human Game to one of Unity, Power, Love, Joy and Abundance. Can you imagine a planet where all are enlightened?   where there is no selfishness,  no greed, no hoarding; where all are cooperating to create a paradise on Earth? 

Are you part of the solution or are you part of the problem?

Enlightenment is the process of your arousal from the Human Sleep, from the Human Dream. It consists of you-psycan dissipating the shells of energy that generate for you the illusion of human being. Concurrently, you re-create yourself in your ideal of who you want to be. As you discreate these cocoons of energy and ascend the Essence Polarity of Being, you recover your awareness of your Self as a psycan and reconnect your Self with Essence, with the One. 

Awakening in the ESE

The School helps people seeking to awaken in at least 3 ways: understanding, experience and example.

1. Essentiality is a logical and comprehensible model, a science, of Essence, spirituality and enlightenment. It makes sense out of all religions correcting their distortions and errors. It takes the mystery out of mysticism; and the airy-fairyness out of spirituality. It provides a new technology and a modern, Western system for enlightenment.

2. The Awakening Retreat is a four-day event during which the enlightened teachers of the School guide the participant in how to open his innate spiritual perceptions to experience: a- himself as a psycan; and b- to feel and communicate with Essence, Infinite Love. The person only needs to commit and being work on himself to be awake.

3. The School has enlightened instructors and advanced students whose example of spirituality (awareness, detachment, wisdom, humility, love, peace and joy) demonstrates that enlightenment exists and so motivates others to begin work on themselves.