Understanding What and Who You Are

The only thing that exists is the One, a single, Infinite Being.  She creates everything that exists out of Her own Essence; She is both Creator and the Creation.  She has 13 Principal Characteristics: Light, Consciousness, Wisdom, Truth, Infinity, Oneness, Will (Power), Magnificence, Perfection, Beauty, Love, Peace, and Joy.     

You are Essence; you are the 13 Characteristics.  There is nothing else you could be; there is only the One.  Your experience of separated, isolated individuality is a marvelous illusion generated by the ego force field.   In the illusion of individuality and of the Creation you are a “particle”, a “child” of the Creator, descended into the Creation to play in and explore it, and to expand it with your personal creations from within.

Likewise, everyone and everything else are also the One. As Essence, you are everyone and everything. You-Essence are in all beings and all things, everywhere. The illusion of Many is a necessary part of the Creation, but the Truth is we are all One. To the human mind it appears incredible that we are all One, but in enlightenment, you see the Many but you feel the One; you feel your Unity with the universe.

In this article, we are going to speak only of consciousness, but your individualization includes all 13 Characteristics of Essence:  you are all of them. Your most basic characteristics of being are consciousness and will; you are willful consciousness. You are an aware-will entity. You can think of yourself as a sphere of consciousness.

You are Consciousness, one of the 13. Consciousness is the power to perceive, sense, feel, experience and therefore to know.  Your “I” is your consciousness, your perception of yourself.   THERE IS ONLY ONE INFINITE CONSCIOUSNESS, ONE BEING.   Your “I” and the “I” of others is all the same “I”.   There is only the One “I”. 

The Ego Force Field

The question is:  How does the One Being create the (illusion of) many beings?   She does so with the ego force field, or simply, the ego. The ego force grid partitions and isolates your consciousness from the One Infinite Consciousness and from all other individualizations of the One.   You are the One dividing your Self into many illusions of separated individuality.  Each individuality so generated is a spirit, a psycan.   

Ego is something that has been poorly understood in both psychology and spirituality.  The ego is a force field that overlies the entire Creation and partitions the One Consciousness into many areas or spheres or “bubbles” of consciousness.  You are not an ego!  You do not have an ego!  You are consciousness delimited by a membrane of ego. 

These “bubbles of I” experience themselves as separated and isolated individualities, as individual spirits.   The bubbles of consciousness appear to each other as isolated individualities, as other beings.  You are experiencing ego when you look at any person or thing and experience “I” and “not-I = other” instead of Oneness and unity.

The technical name for a bubble of being, for the aware-will individuality that you are is “psycan”. You are a psycan, an individualization of Essence 13, living in the illusion of separation and isolation from the One All That Is. The purpose of your individualization is so that you can descend into the Creation and play in it with “others” (who are likewise illusions).

You are a psycan, an entity of aware will (and the other 13 Characteristics). There is only One BEing, One Infinite Consciousness, and you are all of IT. However, you can’t play in Creation as the One, as Infinite Consciousness and Power. So You-Essence create the ego field so that you-psycan can have the illusion of being a small, limited, and isolated individual.

Only so reduced in being can you experience being a human being and explore being little, isolated, alone and relatively powerless. Only by creating small, apparently separate beings do we have others to play with (allies) and to play against (enemies) in the Matrix (the Creation).

Bubbles of Being

We can illustrate ego and psycan with an analogy of soap bubbles. Surely you have blown or seen blown soap bubbles.  

1- The air, the atmosphere, represents the One Infinite Consciousness.  Before the ego force operates, it is everywhere one and the same. 

2- The ego force is the soap membrane that forms the bubbles of air.  Ego force generates “bubble membranes” which separate an area of air (consciousness) from the atmosphere, from the One Infinite Consciousness.  The ego separates the air inside the bubble from the air outside the bubble, and from the air in all the other bubbles.  The ego isolates and individualizes a volume of consciousness, thereby forming an “I”, a psycan. 

3- The air inside all the bubbles and the air outside all the bubbles is all the same air, the One and the same Consciousness.   The ego force membrane isolates the air=consciousness inside the bubble from all other “airs” (both outside and inside the other bubbles) thus generating the illusion of separate individualities. This generates an experience inside a bubble of “I” and “here”; and an experience of the other bubbles as “not-I”, of “other”, over “there”.

Illustration: Psycans produced by the ego force individualizing the One Infinite onsciousness (Essence), thereby generating the illusion of separated and isolated beings.

You are Consciousness (Essence) delimited by the ego force to generate the illusion of individuality. All others are in the same illusion. In Essence, we are all One. Individuality is an illusion.

You are experiencing ego when you look at any person or thing, and experience “I” and “Not-I = Other”, instead of Oneness and Unity-13. As you progress towards enlightenment, you will transcend the illusion of ego and separation and feel Oneness with all others. The ego permits us to explore individuality, negative ego, enemies, Drama and Evil on this planet as we treat each other without Unity and Love, as “bad” others.

You-psycan are not matter; you do not come from matter. Will and consciousness do not come from matter. Life does not come from matter. Matter comes from Life. Essence is Life. You are the Field, Essence, individualizing and extending Itself into the Creation, into matter, to experience, create and play. As you are Essence, you can experience Her Presence when you learn how to transcend and perceive beyond “maya” (“maya” is the illusion of the Creation in Hinduism). When you are enlightened, you can perceive Oneness, and your experience is “I and another form of I”. You experience the Perfection 13 of all manifestations of the One, you live in Love and Joy and appreciation and gratitude for the wonder that is the Creation.

Essence creates the ego force to individuate Her Oneness into the illusion of Many, many entities of more limited being, many small beings of lesser wisdom, will, power and love than Herself. No form of Essence is less than any other form.

There can be no greater or lesser in the One, for that requires two. For enlightenment, you must live in the consciousness that in our spiritual Essence, we are One. Always, no matter how strong our illusion of individualization, we are all equal beings, equal children of the One. We come to earth as different beings and play many roles. We come to earth to play games of negative ego (defined below), but no actor is greater than or less than any other in the Greatest Show on Earth.

A Buddhist master was once asked to explain Buddhism in one sentence.

His response:

“You are an illusion.”


Enjoy your illusion but do not take it seriously. 

Negative ego

Outside of the Creation, there is only undivided Essence and Oneness.  Within the Creation, there is a gradient of ego, of individuality.  In the upper part of the scale, the ego is weak and we can perceive Oneness and feel our Unity-13 with the Creation. 

In the lower part of the scale, where the illusion of individuality is complete such that there is no perception of ONEness and Unity at all, we fall into the hallucination that is negative ego.  Negative ego is the hallucination that one person is more than or better than another; ergo that the other is worse than or less than the first.  Obviously, humans live in this hallucination:  almost everyone believes they are better than someone else, and less than some other person. 

Negative ego is a hallucination.  Where there is only One, there cannot be more<>less, better<>worse; these require two.  We are all equal sons of the One Creator.  No “piece” of the One Being is more or less than another “piece”; there are no pieces. Negative ego is a great source of drama on the planet (and drama, you will remember, is the purpose of Stage 1 and 2 of the Human Game.)    

The hallucination that you do not have negative ego

Some people will deny that they have negative ego.  The greater the negative ego, the less likely it is that the person can see his.  It is a law of negative ego that if you do not see your own; it is because it is so big its limits are beyond the horizon of your perception — never because you do not have one.  To see your own negative ego, make a list of 10 people you know.  One by one, do you think or feel yourself better or worse than that person?   Why?  What do you believe makes your better or worse? — not that it matters.  Either way, better or worse, that is your negative ego.  

Negative ego, egotism, egomania, is a form of insanity suffered by humanity.  Hitler is a famous example of egomania, and once you know what to look for, you can see it all around you, from frictions in the family, in the workplace, to the posturing and peacocking, expansionism and conflicts between nations.  

Law:  Negative ego destroys.  (Again, Hitler as an example.)   As this planet becomes crowded and if unchecked with a new spirituality, negative ego will lead to the downfall of civilization, as it has for countless others. 

Spirituality requires eliminating our negative ego by understanding that no “child of the Creator”, as we all are, is less than or more than any other.   Spiritual requires humility and equality of all.  Humility is the remembrance that we are all One and that there can be no more or less in the One.

Ego is a large and fascinating phenomenon and you will find much more information about it in the Essentiality books.