How to Achieve Enlightenment with The Essentiality Path

Please read Understanding What and Who you Are before reading this article.

The theory of achieving Enlightenment is fairly simple; most of the concepts you need to understand are on this page, (although maybe not with sufficient explanation).  

As a spiritual entity, as a psycan, you are a “bubble of being” in the One Infinite Being of Infinite Will and Consciousness.  (If you have not read the article:  Understanding What and Who you Are, you should it read it first and then come back here.) 

A reality is any form of energy, physical or psycanic.  All thoughts are psycanic realities, all emotions are psycanic realities. Consciousness is the power to perceive, to experience, energy (realities).  Realities act upon Consciousness to produce experience as illustrated here:  

As a human being, you are a psycan, a spiritual being, existing inside a cocoon or shell of energy, of realities, millions. (A reality is an energy form, explained below.)   Those realities act upon your consciousness to: 

1.-  Create your mystical amnesia which has two aspects:

a) block your memory and your experience of yourself as a spiritual being.

b) block your memory, perception of, and communication with Essence.

2.- Form your human identity complex which acts upon your consciousness to generate for you the experience of human being and all the characteristics of your personality and character.  Your human identity complex (aka “avatar”) is like a computer program controlling the electronic energies which act upon the display (your consciousness) to generate the colors and forms you see (experience) on the screen.   Knowing no higher experience because of your mystical amnesia, you are thus “hypnotized” to believe you are only a human being.   

As a “son of the One, of the Creator” you-psycan are a creator and discreator of realities. 

Your enlightenment is a matter of freeing your Self from your cocoon of non-physical realities by discreating those realities.   You free yourself of the cocoon by discharging its energy using the Essentiality Being Transformation Technology (BTT) As you dissipate the cocoon, both your blocks to spiritual perceptions and your illusion of human being diminish.  You recover your spiritual experiences of Who You Really Are and dis-identify from your human illusion.  When this new state of experience, of Who You Really Are, is real and permanent, you are enlightened. 

If you wish more detail on all of this:

Definitions and Concepts

1.- You-psycan: You are not a human being. You are a nonphysical, life-energy entity, a spirit, which we shall call a “psycan”. You are the Aware Will that possesses a human identity and body on planet earth. You use a human being (body, mind, personality complex), but these are things, tools, instruments, that you-the-spiritual-being use to operate in this physical reality. You-psycan are Will and Consciousness. You-will moves energy to form realities, causing them to exist (i.e. creation). You-consciousness experience your creations, which discreates them: they cease to exist.  

2.- Your origin: You-psycan are an individualization of the One Being, of an infinite field of Conscious Will. She is both Creator and Created; we call He “Essence because She is the essence and underlying nature of all that exists. She is Ultimate Reality; the only Truth. The Creation is an illusion; it is a movie theater, a playground, a Disneyland.  Essence manifests the Creation to explore Her Self in all Her infinite and eternal possibilities of being. You do not come from and are not part of the Creation; you are part of the Creator and are playing in the Creation at this moment in the eternity of your existence, the Human Game. You are Essence; everything is.   

The following definitions are circular–no way to avoid it. You can only understand some of them when you have understood the others. Please read through this section twice as latter information will deepen your understanding of the earlier information. 

  1. 1. Consciousness: Consciousness is a fundamental property of existence; one of the 13 Principal Characteristics of Essence. It is the power to perceive energy/realities, to experience and thus to know them. There is only ONE Consciousness, infinite. Individuality, separate beingness, is an illusion generated by the Ego Force Field.
  1. 2. Experience (perception, feeling, vivance*): is consciousness in operation. Experience is the effect of a reality on consciousness causing the cognizance-sensing-feeling of that reality. Realities cause experience; experience is the effect of realities (on consciousness). *Definition: vivance: a new word created to make a distinction about experience. Vivance is the ongoing experience of something, as contrasted with a onetime or momentary experience of something. Example: Awakening is a momentary experience; Enlightenment is a vivance; a continual, every day, all day experience.
  1. 3. Energy: everything that exists is formed of energy. All energy obeys exact laws and principles. Just as understanding the laws of physical energy has given mankind power over the physical world, your understanding the laws of non-physical (psycanic) energy gives you power over your internal world.
  1. 4. Realities: A reality is any energy form, any mass of energy with a particular identity making it a particular thing. Examples of physical realities include: star, planet, ocean, house, car, tree, your body, animals, insects, etc. Examples of psycanic realities include all emotions, all thoughts (ideas, memories, dreams, plans, etc.), and the most important of all your identities (creation of self, of what you are and what you are not). Realities cause experience; experience is the effect of realities (on consciousness). To change your experience, i.e. eliminate pain and suffering, discreate the causing reality. (Resisting your experience does not work; resistance is energization and causes persistence.) 
  1. 5. Create: Create is to cause a reality to exist. Your will is creative:  it can form energy into realities.  You are the creator of all your emotions, all your thoughts, your identities, your relationships, your success or failure in life, and your vivance of love and happiness.  You are also the creator of the reality (but not truth) that you are not the creator of your life when that is your reality-experience.
  1. 6. Discreate: To discreate is to discharge the energy from a reality by which it ceases to exist; it is discreated. As it no longer exists, it no longer causes you (negative) experience. You-consciousness have the power to discreate all your psycanic realities: all negative emotions and identities, any negative mind content.  The principle is: Experience experienced discreates; resistance causes persistence. 
  1. 7. Subconscious: Your subconscious is the psycanic space around your consciousness, your being, in which your psycanic realities are outside of your perception-experience for the moment. For example, every human being carries around charges of negative emotion in his subconscious (i.e. around his being but outside of perception). When a trigger event occurs, these charges implode into consciousness-experience and we feel that emotion (anger, fear, sadness, guilt, depression, etc.) (What you do with these activations is critical to your happiness. The correct action is to discharge their energy which eventually frees you of all negative human emotions so you live in serenity and love-joy all the time.)

Illustration: Realities cause experience; experience is the action, the effect, the impact of energy, of realities, on consciousness.

Part 2: Putting the pieces together

The Cocoon

You-psycan-consciousness are surrounded by a thick casing of psycanic realities, something like a caterpillar in a cocoon, or an egg in its shell. We call it the Contra-Essence Identity Mass (CEIM). This cocoon of psycanic mass is multi-dimensional and is more massive and more complex than your physical body. Most of it is subconscious most of the time, but it still acts on you to control your perceptions, experience and behaviors. (For example, all of your negative emotions come from this mass.) Your CEIM has multiple effects on you-consciousness:

#1 It blocks your perception of Essence and generates avidya (mystical amnesia) of Who You Are, where you came from and how you got here, what you are doing here, and where you are going when you finish. 

#2 Using counter-creations, it suppresses your level of being (consciousness, power and love) from that of Essence (i. e. God) to that of a human being (very low on the cosmic scale of being); and

#3 It impresses onto you-consciousness the experience, the illusion, of being not only a human being, but a particular and unique human being, one of a kind. (A loose analogy for this is how a computer program controls the shapes and forms that appear on the monitor.)  

To enlighten yourself, you have only to reduce the mass of your cocoon.  This reduces the strength of your illusion of human being and unblocks your spiritual perceptions. The BTT (Being Transformation Technology) is a very precise method of dissipating the cocoon.