You are not just a human being

The first step is for you to identify and realize (make real in your experience) who and what you are. You are a non-physical, life energy entity, a spirit. You come from the Life Energy that is the Source, Creator and Essence of all that exists. You are a spark of the Divinity. You are a spiritual entity enjoying a physical experiencie. You do not come from matter, you come from the creator of matter, and you are experiencing matter for the Creator. 

  • You are not your body.
  • You are not your mind.
  • You are not your emotions
  • You are not your memories.
  • You are not your name.
  • You are not your human identity.
  • You are not your personality.
  • You are not your human roles (father, mother, spouse, carpenter, doctor, lawyer, whatever).
  • You are not your personal history.
  • You are not the pain you may be carrying around from your past.
  • You are not your future.
  • You are not your desires or your goals; you are not your hopes and dreams.
  • You are a spirit.
  • You are a life energy entity. You are made of non-physical energy.
  • You are will and you are consciousness. You are not anything of which you are conscious; you are consciousness itself.
  • You are a nonphysical, spiritual entity visiting the physical universe and using a human identity to play in the game of life, to take part in the human experience.
  • You are also using a physical body to be able to manipulate materia. Your body is an instrument, a vehicle with which to walk the earth. You are not your body.
  • You do not come from the physical universe. Your body does but not your life energy, your spirit, not your will and consciousness. You exist before the physical universe was ever created and you exist outside of the physical universe even while you are playing in it with a personality complex and a body.

Part of the human experience is to completely forget who you are, a psycan, so that you can totally lose yourself in the human game. This is like when you go to the movies. When you go to see a movie you want to forget who you are in your real life life so that you can get swept up in the emotions, excitement, and drama of the movie.  If you wake up in the middle of the movie and remember who you are, it means the movie is not very good, it was not able to completely engross you.

We call this aware–will entity that you are a psycan.  You are a psycan;  you are a spiritual being of will and consciousness.