How To Do Precision Self-Therapy to Quickly Change Anything in Your Life – eBook

The Psycanics Fast Self Change Technology.

Just as you can learn to program a computer or fix your car, you can learn to re-program and “fix” anything in your own BEing and life.  YOU can eliminate ALL your negative emotions, behaviors, low self-esteem, and relationship conflicts; and replace them with True Happiness: serenity, peace, satisfaction, love, and joy, all the time no matter what.  There is a new science of how to do so.

Psycanics is a revolutionary science of BEing. It is the physics of your internal, trans-physical energies:  emotions, thoughts, motivations, behaviors, relationships, love, and happiness. It is NOT an evolution of psychology; it is a totally new paradigm of how life really works. Psycanics and its Being Transformation Technology (BTT) are as far beyond psychotherapy today as an airliner is beyond a sailing ship. It is the first step on your path to Enlightenment: How to work with your internal energies.

The Psycanics  BTT is a precision and immensely powerful self-change procedure with which you go into your subconscious to pinpoint the real cause of your negative feelings and behaviors. You then discreate those negative factors and create the positive elements that you desire to live. BTT is far more precise, quicker, and result-full than any psychotherapy known today.

It is also relatively simple such that you can learn to apply it to your Self, no therapist needed.  In fact, DIY (Do-It-Yourself) is  the only way you will ever be able to make all the changes you would like in your Self and in your life,  as it is simply too expensive and time-consuming to run to a therapist every time you are upset.

Life works according to the Causal Sequence which is:  BE -> FEEL -> THINK -> DO -> HAVE.  The elements to the left determine the elements to the right. However, the only true causal element is  your BEing; you are the only thing alive, with power of decision and action in your life (which consists of your Causal Sequences). Change your BEing and all the rest of your life changes to conform to your new BEing. Psycanics teaches you to go within to your BEing and transform it to positive which automatically transforms the rest of your life.

It works like magic.

Psycanics Permanently Eliminates:

-All negative Emotions: anger, anxiety, fear, hate, grief, etc.

-Phobias (heights, flying, water, snakes, dying).


-Existential stress (e.g. divorce, losing job, cancer, death of a loved one, etc.)

-Negative self-esteem.

-Mind: all negative thoughts and limiting beliefs.

-Behaviors: all negative behaviors:

-blocks to taking action (writer’s block, starting a business, getting a divorce, stage fright, shyness, etc.).

-addictions (alcohol, tobacco, prescription meds, illegal drugs, etc.)

-compulsions (gambling, porn,shopping, overeating, social media, video games, etc.)

-Traumatic incidents

-PTSD: Psycanics BTT eliminates PTSD quickly, in a few hours.

-Relationships: Change the internal root cause of relationship problems and your relationships transform to harmony, love, and cooperation.